3.6 5 0 92 92 Revitalizes and refreshens. Kind to eyes. Wakes up tired eyes.
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Zip, Zero, Nada. It did nothing for me. An expensive item to try with ZERO results. Do not waste your money.
Excellent product - have repurchased over and over again!
I have tried this product and saw absolutely zero results. Wasted money.
I like how nice and cool it feels when I put it on first thing after my shower and before makeup. Even when my eyes still look puffy (because, really - nothing works that instant), they feel so much more alive. It also acts as an 'eye foundation', if you will. I lightly run it under my eyes and the over the entire eyelid and up to the bottom of my brow line. As it is doing its healing magic, that's when I brush my hair and prep my makeup. Lovely start to any morning. Even for a baggy-eyed night owl, like myself. :)
This works pretty quickly I was pleasantly surprised went on smoothly. Within seconds I could feel a difference and not long after could actually see a difference. Would recommend this to anyone who needs a little help with under eye circles.
I loved this product. If your eyes are either tired and/or puffy they feel fabulous afterward.
This the best priced product for this type of item. It feels great and seems to last forever.
Je trouve qu'il fait un excellant travail. Il est doux et rafraichissant!
I have tried Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-on, it is a refreshing cool feeling when rolling under eyes, especially in this summer heat. Great product.
Tried tested and NOT true. It left white film around my eyes and when I was outside being active and started to sweat it burned my eyes. ..I had someone take me home to wash my eyes and face. I do not recommend it. There are way better eye products out there.
J'ai essayé le produit...il est plus efficace si laissé au frigo !!!!
I would love to try this product for my old aging eyes. If there is a sample please send me one. Suzanne
I have seen ALOT. Too much, some say. How can I succumb to the pressure of looking youthful and gay with the weight of the world on my shoulders... No amount of tea bags will heal these eye bag wounds. This does though... makes me forget the hurt
Horrible product. I tried this as I have skin sensitivities. I use Marcelle but wanted to give this a try. I got a rash and was very itchy from Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On. I would not recommend this product for anyone who has skin sensitivities.
Je trouve ce produit un peu efficace. Si trop fatiguer les cernes sont toujours présent.

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