4.8 5 0 143 143 - Helps minimize the formation of hairballs - Helps manage litter box odour - Helps maintain healthy body condition- No Artificial Flavours
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My cats adore these
I have 2 cats and they both loves Temptstion cat treats, I have a treat ball and it keeps them occupied for a long time when I fill with these.
My cat absolutely loves these! Have to limit the number she has each evening.
Nook luv it
This is the treat for my baby!! Like the commercial she will do anything when i shake the bag..
Does kitty want a treat?
A favourite treat loved by our kitty...she will meow till she gets her treat!
Cat crack
My cats go insane for temptations. Absolutely insane. I shake the bag and I have three cats thundering across the house to Hoover these treats down. If I leave the bag in reach, they knock it over and tear it to shreds to eat all the treats. If my cats had their way, I'd go broke buying treats.
I have 4 cats and they all love temptations. Shake the package and they all come running. Sometimes they will all gather in the kitchen, meow and stare at me until I get the treats out of the cupboard and give them some.
One of the best treats to keep your cat engaged
I bought these treats for my indoor cat, Bishy. I know that she doesn’t like certain flavours of temptations so I thought that I could try this one and she loved them! Everytime I’m in the kitchen she follows me hoping that she’ll get another handful of temptations. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to cat owners!
Treat yo cat... maybe
I work with local rescues and we actually got bags of this donated to us. While these treats may not be the most healthy thing you can give your cat one every once in a while doesn’t hurt and hey, they are treats anyways. I personally would not buy these but for a donation these were okay.
Temptations cat treats
My cats love this so much. When I can't locate them in the house, I just shake the pouch. They will come running to eat them.
Not enough in bag
My cats absolutely love these treats and this flavor for some reason. The only thing is that there are less in this bag than there are in the regular flavoured bags. Boooooo.
Cats are in love
My cats come running when they hear the bag rattle
Treats for my kitty
This product is great my cat loves it! Just shake the bag and she knows it’s snack time. She sits and gives her paw. I have also noticed since started the treats she has less hairballs and her fur is shinier. They have many great flavours as well.
My cat loved them
My cat absolutely loves these treats! She can be picky on the treats she eats and i was pleasantly surprised to see she likes this kind! Will deffiently be purchasing again!
My cats love em
Temptations treats are fan favorite of my kitties.
There's no doubt about it, cats absolutely lose their mind over these. They are a bit greasy feeling on the fingers and don't smell amazing (but what cat treat does), but at the end of the day the cat's reaction is the most important. Pretty sure they'd push me off a bridge for a lifetime supply of Temptations and my cats are usually very sweet!

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