4.5 5 0 26 26 Strike gold with a bold, yet smooth blend of 100% premium arabica coffee with sweet dark cocoa notes.
1850 Midnight Gold Ground Coffee
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Great coffee
Very good tasting coffee enjoy it everyday very smooth and refreshing. Me me feel energized in the mornings.
excellent café
Il n'ont pas à avoir honte de nous offrir cet excellent café, je le recommande à tous les bons buveurs de café.
Very rich and flavorful taste . Great to wake up in the morning to it
Worth a try
Bought it on a whim. I really like this coffee; it’s bold and smooth and is a lovely first cup of coffee in the morning. Will buy it again.
great morning coffee
i’m a morning person who needs that cup of coffee as soon as i open my eyes! The aroma fills my house and awakens my senses and the hot black velvet touches my soul! so good! i will be buying this again for sure.
Love the packaging
Excellent coffee. Had a sample in a store and will definitely be trying some at home.
Not your average coffee
I tried this at the grocery store, on a whim. I needed something to perk me up. Wow did I get what I needed. It has a bold upfront flavour, then rolls around on the tongue. I think fancier coffee packaging like this should have “pairings” listed on the back, like wines do. I would pair this with a caramel crunch cake, or Tiramisu.
Great coffee
A rich full bodied cup of coffee. Enjoyable way to start the day.
J'ai servi ce café a mes invites et ils ont adore! Un bon café qui a du gout! Je vais en racheter c'est certain.
good coffee
A rich full bodied cup of coffee. Enjoyable way to start the day..
Very good coffee
My husband and I tried this coffee for the first time and really enjoyed it. It's not too strong and not bitter. It's a bit on the expensive side when full price, but not bad when you can get it on sale.
Smell good I love this
I love coffee and I can say that this is a delicious aroma that awakens your senses and the unique flavor. Packaging size and accessible price. If you are a coffee lover this is perfect for any time, day, when I want a cup of coffee this is my choice
1850 coffee
Very bold, great taste! Loved it! I am a real coffee drinker and I really enjoyed it!
Awful taste. Brewed two cups and threw the bag out. Was not happy with it
Personally I found too strong, somewhat bitter. I like a full bodied coffee, but this was too much for me.

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