Abreva Cold Sore Treatment Cream

4.7 5 0 217 217 Abreva cold sore treatment cream reduces the duration of cold sore pain, burning, itching, and tingling while working faster* to shorten cold sore healing time
Abreva Cold Sore Treatment Cream


Très efficace
J’ai des feux sauvages plusieurs fois par année et Abreva est le meilleur produit que j’ai essayé. C’est le plus efficace selon mes nombreux essais.
Best Product I Have Ever Tried
I get cold sores often and I have tried a lot of different products, but when a friend of mine told me about Abreva I thought why not try it. So I tried it out and to my amazement it worked and I have never looked back. It is now the only cold sore treatment that I buy and you don't need much at all and within minutes you can feel it working. Love the product and I highly recommend it.
My opinion
I really like this product because from my experience it begins to work fast and it completely clears up coldsores in just a few days.
A must!
I have to have it on hand at all times incase I get a cold sore. It really does decrease healing time.
Best ever
Abreeva clears up cold sores in a matter of days. I have purchased this many times.
abreva cold sore treatment
This is the best cold sore treatment you can buy. I have had a lot of cold sores since I was a child and have tried many products including prescriptions but this is the most effective and the most comfortable to use.
Cold Sore Cream
This is the best cold sore cream on the market in the US. You MUST put it on at the first sign of a tingle for it to actually work properly.
Best thing ever
Helped heal my cold sore fast. Cold sore can be so annoying and embarrassing but I didnt have suffer long. Thank you
Works great
I love this product. If you use it right away the time of healing is cut way down. I dont find i rubs off as easy as othe product. It works the best of any product I have tried.
for anyone who is like me and can’t drink or eat off anyone or very cautious of pop cans and what u eat and drink off. This is the best Over the counter cold sore treatment
Shortened healing time
The best plus for this is the much shortened healing time. It literally took only five days for my sore to be over 90% healed with no pain from the second day. A must to keep on hand
Wonderful product
This product is wonderful l..it is the only product on the market that actually cuts healing time like at least 5times quicker then any other. It's the only product when it comes to Cold sore medical products we use our home.
I've gotten a couple cold sores and was suggested to try this by most of my friends and it works amazingly well! But I have a hard time keeping it on because I wipe my lips a lot.
Good product
Works fast has a cooling affect. A bit expensive but I guess you pay for good quality! Would use again!
I Would highly recommend abreva for anyone that is proNE to coldsores or even just gets the odd one the price and size of the product may put you off but you only need a dab a couple times a day for 3 days max and it's gone.

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