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Abundance Naturally Baby Balm
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My little one gets wind-burned very easily. I use it on the cheeks and it's great protection.
My son uses this for my grandson, they really like it.
C`est fait pour les bébés. Mais nous ont utilisent pour nous. Pour nôtre peaux irriter et sec . J`ai jamais vu un produit aussi bénéfique. Je l`adore ,c`est naturelle en plus , ça guérit les petite coupures !!! Tous simplement MERVEILLEUX !!!
I`ve used this on myself!! :) Great stuff for the young and old alike!
I had received a sample of this when I was pregnant and just had the chance to use it on my LO. It worked great. Just wish I knew where to get it as I have not seen it anywhere.
Love this product. Used it on my infant`s cradle cap and cleared it up easily. Also using it to soothe the scratching and eczema on her face. Its a little greasy but works really well on dry hands as well.
my wife`s cousins all have kids in diapers and all swear by this product.
i liked the ingredients in the abundance naturally baby balm so decided i wanted to try it for a few spot of eczema that i have. drs always prescribe strong cortisone cream for eczema which i don`t like to use. i was really happy with the results i got with abundance naturally baby balm. it took a few applications but over time it really cleared up my eczema and left my skin healed and soft. will keep using it regularly and highly recommend
OH very good and healthy fr my baby!! he loved it!!!
Thank you for introducing this product. I never heard of it before and I would love to purshase it.
je voudrais en avoir sil vous plait ma fille serait ravis
J'adore les produit naturel surtout pour mon loulou un teste me ferai plaisir...
J'aimerais bien essayer ce nouveau produit qui me semble très intéressant. J'apporterai mes commentaires par la suite. Merci
Comme futur grand-mère, je sais que ce genre de produit sera utile pour le futur bébé de ma fille. Ce serait l'occasion idéal pour vous donner notre opinion en recevant un échantillon. Merci!
Je ne connais pas ce produit et pourtant j'ai travaillé dans une pouponnière en garderie plus de 2ans. Svp un échantillon merci

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