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Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Odor Detect
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this was very strong when first plugged in and then it seemed to be ok after a couple days
Has a nice smell. I tried the lowest setting for aprox. 1 week and didn't smell it all that much. Works good on medium setting for a subtle noticeable smell.
I used to use these air fresheners all of the time, and to be completely honest, I detested the Linen scent. I just received this for free from this site yesterday and plugged it in at the lowest setting. When I woke up this morning, my whole apartment had a pleasant smell. I am very happy to see that Air Wick has changed the Linen scent for the better! I will definitely be purchasing it again!
I love this product. It smells incredibly good, bought 3 other ones after trying it!
Very fragrant. I had it set on the lowest notch for fragrance dispensing and it managed to scent the whole bathroom and out through the hall to my living room. I would consider it too strong, but I'm not big on super smelly things. Has a nice light, fresh, clean scent.
Smells very nice covers cooking odor . Last quite longer than other brands. Would purchase again at a decent price
I think I have one in almost every room. All you have to do is set it and forget it. How convenient right?! So many different scents available so depending on your mood you can change it whenever you'd like 😊
freee samples airwick freshmatic ultra odor detect---------
had a coupon for 10.00 off so figured why not...best thing ever for by my litter box. We have 2 cats and never smells bad
Love that`s its automatic. Always getting a fresh burst of smell
I have not tried this but it looks interesting. I would love to try this.
Again great for having dogs I bet.. Please send me a sample ty
I have the older air wick but never tried the newer version. Wonder if they work the same?
I would love to try this..would you send me samples and coupons
i am not sure that i can believe that an air freshener can detect "an odor" and release air freshener. i completely understand the automatic setting air fresheners, but one that detects odors? i am skeptical but would like to test it out.

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