4.4 5 0 209 209 Once lit, a soft & tranquil glow illuminates through the wax
Airwick Vanilla Indulgence Fragrance Candle
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Such a fun candle
The color changing is really cool. The vanilla scent is not overbearing but pleasant. The inside of the glass gets black smoke lines easily though. Which is un sightly when the coloring changing is a focal point.
really great
Love vanilla scent. It works well and fills house with sweet vanilla scent.
Awesome. I'm obsessed with candles and this one just added a fun little touch to them with the changing lights
I love these candles they smell great and they can set a mood and are a little playful think they would make a great gift. It would be a nice change from just a bottle of wine when visiting people
This is awesome, I love the smell and the colour. It is beautiful.
Makes it smell wonderful in my cigarette smoking room
Great original vanilla scent that when lit can freshen the smell of any room. Love the colour changing to add a unique feature to the decor.
Love this candle and love the fact it is color changing candle lasts a very long time.
freee sample airwick indulgence fragrance candle--------------
I love love love the Airwick Vanilla Indulgence Fragrance Candle! It smells so good, and it is sooo pretty. I love to light it when I take a bath, it's just lovely.
I love these air wick candles beside the bath tub. The changing color glow is so nice in a dark bathroom in my bubble bath. The smell is not too strong but certainly not the highlight of these candles. It is the very cool way they change from one color to the other - very calming and entertaining!
I didn't buy this but have had the pleasure of enjoying it at a friends house. The colours set a nice ambiance. I love how they alternate and it smalls great too. The glass holder it comes in is slightly frosted so it seems to soften the glow. Would be amazing to set up a bunch of these for a romantic evening.
Love this candle. I`ve had many in all sorts of scents and have enjoyed them all. They last a long time, plus the different colors make it fun to stare at for periods of time.
I love this candles. I ration them when they start to get low, cause I don`t want to ever be out. I am addicted they smell great, and set such a wonderful ambiance in my home. Will buy this candles over any other. MY FAVORITE!!
Love these candles would definatley buy more if they had more coupons available

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