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Alaskan Premium Ice Melter
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My Alaskan Premium Ice Melter Review.
It worked great. When i finally got to use the product we had just had a big melt and a fast refreeze. I had a thick layer of ice to go through. I put a layer of salt down and 15 min later I had about 1.5 inches off the first layer. Same with round 2. Put my last layer of salt down and got through the rest. It was so easy to get a nice even layer. I felt like I was not wasting any of the salt by over salting. I am very happy with this product. My son the shoveled likes it too and asked me to buy more.
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Good but not great
I have found the product to be good directly on ice but does not spread, however it melts ice quickly and effectively. The blue color is good as it helps to know where you have spread the product. However there are limitations with the types of concrete you can use it on and if used incorrectly it can damage your concrete.
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Amazing product.
This product work amazing. Melts the ice a d make the driveway safe. Easy and convenient to use.
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Terrific for -20's and up!
Alaskan Premium Ice Melter works awesome on slightly warmer winter days, didn't do much for the minus 30's but as soon as it warmed up to the mid -20's it started working. Terrific packaging and so easy to sprinkle around without it weighing a lot.
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Easy pour bottle
The design of the bottle made it very easy to apply. Just open the flip lid and shake it out. No big dumps like for some other brands. The blue coloured chips made it easy to see where ice melt had been applied. It did take quite a bit of product to effectively melt ice though. I can’t speak to if it affected my pavement as it is still winter so hard to tell.
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Ice gripper
Easy to use and very good as it makes the ice have a grip on it so it is not as slippery.
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This product is wonderful
We could believe have quickly the product worked and stayed working ,
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Strong Ice breaker
Easy to use, although the only downside is you must be very careful when using the spout as it comes out rather quickly. The whole bottle only lasts approx 3-4 times, on an average size Step to walkway for your mail carrier. It does provide the relief to the nasty ice built up quick and efficiently.
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No more ice
I liked the convenient plastic bottle, which made it easy to distribute on my icy stairs and sidewalks. It melted all the ice quickly!
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Alaskan premium ice melter in Winterpeg
First off, I like that it has the dye. It allows me to spread the product, without wasting it. Since most products are white, going on snow, you go through more product and it means I run out quickly. Alaskan will be more effective in saving money too. It helped remove ice and snow build up in areas that were harder for me to get at with a shovel. I am looking forward to see if it would help with a windrow, after the city plows the back lane.
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heavy duty ! won't end up on your booty!
For starters I like the flip open lid, and the way that you can shake it out of the container easily without getting too little or too much. I also like the fact that it is blue, so this way you can tell where you have already put some down, with other stuff it tends to blend in with the ice and snow...overall I was very pleased with this product!
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Must buy & try!!
Love this product! Worked quickly after putting on icy areas. Was easy and convenient to apply, everyone in my family can use and apply to the area.
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Alaskan Premium Ice Melter works great!
I thought the Alaskan Premium Ice Melt worked great on my sidewalk and driveway! It worked better than the current ice melt I was using and it lived up to all its claims so I will definitely be purchasing this product. I also liked the container it came in as it was easy to dispense and use. I would recommend this to friends and family.
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Love the shaker
It didnt work extremely fast and seemed to need a lot which is not economical for my large are. The shaker makes it easier to evenly spread and the blue color helps you see where you have covered
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Pet Friendly
Wow the weather had warmed up a bit and we had ice on our parking pad. Had to walk like a penguin. Spread some Alaskan premium ice melt. By the time I put the bottle back in the house, the Alaskan premium ice melt had started to melt the step and parking pad. Had our dogs outside and it has not hurt their paws. So pet friendly. I will go pick more up because this stuff really works and is gentle on the environment it touches! Love this stuff.
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