Apple Homepod Mini

4.4 5 0 49 49 Jam-packed with innovation, the Apple HomePod mini fills the entire room with rich 360-degree audio. Place multiple speakers around the house for a connected sound system. Siri, your favourite do-it-all intelligent assistant, helps with everyday tasks and controls your smart home privately and securely.
Apple Homepod Mini


Apple Home pod mini
That’s great to play music and podcast and google assistant and Alexa very convenient and everyone can listen to music and audio book . It’s very affordable price to buy too I would recommend others
Fun product
It is a fun product to have home because it lets me listen to my music, podcasts or audiobooks easily. It also connects on all Apple devices in the family sharing program, which allows everyone to add songs to the playlist (play next option)
Apple smart speaker.
Looks good, sounds good. Does not have as many features as Amazon Alexa and Google Assist.
Best gift
This was the best thing my daughter received for xmas
I don’t know alot about other similar products but this was definitely not what I expected. It was so hyped that I assumed it would do more than advertised but that was not the case but overall really good
Loved. Couldn't Complain.
I love this little speaker, so small yet, has such a loud and clear, crisp sound.
Great sounds for such a small device!
Like most apple products this pod does not fall short. It connects to other Apple products with ease, it’s very user friendly and it visually sleek and appealing. The sound that it produces is quite impressive for the size of the pod! One of my favourite features of the pods are the intercom function between pods which work great for calling everyone for dinner if they’re all in other rooms! The only improvement (which may be user error) is that I often find myself having to retrain siri on the pod who I am or continually connect programs from my phone like Sirius xm.
Perfect for home
For such a small piece of equipment this thing can do a lot and is super loud! Excellent sound quality, audio performance and good bass for the size , overall I love it and use it for many Things each day
I'm absolutely impress with this product. it's so little but the siynds is reall good.
Apple speaker
I have tried this and I absolutely fell in love with it :) I think others should try it as well it works and listens better then most people I know lol.
So amazing
I looooove That!!!! Im so in love with this gadget, he answer vers well its à yes for me!
Not too bad
The apple HomePod mini isn’t half bad, while I don’t recommend getting the white one as it gets dirty quick and starts to not look white, the device itself is quite a nice little smart speaker i can control my smart lights with it and ask to play shows on my smart tv as well as play music and get great audio quality. Would definitely recommend
I really liked the shape and size of the blue tooth and how clear the sound was for such a small pod
inspired to buy one too
Friend bought the Apple HomePod mini and we were surprised by the rich full sound, hooks up to multiple speakers for further reach, connects to sound system, has Siri, to manage most everyday chores and can be easily set up to control smart home products securely.
If you’re an Apple user this product is great. We especially enjoyed it a Christmas as it could control the lights on the Christmas Tree

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