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Great odor eliminator
We use this in our cat's litter box and is great at eliminating odor. Our cat is very finicky and if there is litter in his box or odor, he will stay away and not use it. After we clean his box and add the OxiClean Pet Fresh powder, he is happy again. Thanks for a great product.
it's ok
i use to remove the smell of my cats sand. It's great when i just put at the trey. some some it disapear some hour later and i can't feel the difference. But when i can feel it let neutral de odor.
Removes animal odors
I use this product when my senior dog has an accident on our carpet. Usually I soak the stain with paper towels and then liberally cover it with this product. I then vacumn. This really works to deodorize my carpet. Making it smell fresh and clean.
Good - Sprinkle Lightly
I like the fresh smell - I dont put alot because I do find the smell is quite strong and I dont want to scare my cat away. Tone down the intense fragrance -- the concept is very good.
Bit strong
‘‘This is a good product . But has a over powering scent does not last for long It did work for my two little ladies Zoe my 3.5 lb Yorkie & KIKI my 4.8 lb Toy Poddle ) .Tone down the scent a bit . But it did work on my rugs Would use again
Not worth buying
I have used thus product, the scent is too heavily perfumed, it doesn't linger and it's difficult to pick up all the powder, I would recommend less scent and possibly creating a foam product
Both my cat and ì love this product, my cat seems to like everything clean
Helps with odor control
When your pet has an accident this helps in the cleaning process. I also like to keep an open box near the litter box to absorb odors right away.
Great Product
Bought this product today to use on my carpet in my room and it worked very well. I didn't have to use very much and it smells nice.
Smells great
Really helps to get rid of odors from pets, or anything really, from carpet or furniture. You really don't need to use too much either which is nice.
This product is not easy to use I have a hard time getting it out of my furniture and carpet
Fraîcheur assurée
J'aime beaucoup la poudre Arm & Hammer pour animaux de compagnie. J'en saupoudre sur mes carpettes et mes tapis et ensuite je passe l'aspirateur et la maison retrouve sa fraîcheur. J'en mélange également dans la litière pour laisser une odeur de propre. Produit très apprécié.
Works wonderfully. Same premise as those old Shake and Vac style things. Worked really well, even on my couch, which had taken on a distinctive pet smell. Just sprinkle it on, vacuum it up. I like that the smell is not too strong, just nice and fresh.
I have 2 pets at home and the products that im using atm are just doing the trick. I would love to test this out and see if it actually does it for me. Id love to be a long time user of this product if its actually that good
I have 2 cats with me at home. I think their litter boxes would benefit from this lol would like to try.

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