4.5 5 0 105 105 This convenient laundry pak contains active stain fighting ingredients that tackle a variety of stains, including dirt, grass and oil.
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Armor hammer laudry soap
Yes it works great in cold water cleans clothes really well.
Arm & Hammer
It was great, took out a stain that I tried to get out with another laundry soap.
Arm & Hammer laundry pacs
A great product, leaves my cloths smelling awesome. Works great on the tuff stains. An excellent price compared to other similar products made by other brands. Works the same or better than the more expensive brands.
Gets the stains out
I have a very messy young lady at home as well as animals. I am always trying to find products that will lift stains, leave laundry smelling fresh and are not too heavy on my clothes. This one checks all of the boxes.
The best
I absolutely love this detergent. It makes the clothes smell fresh and clean even when they’ve been left on the washer for too long
Produit de qualité
Les vêtements sentent bon longtemps, nettoie en profondeur et détache. Mon conjoint est mécanicien et les vêtements ressortent très propres. j'utilise ce produit depuis plusieurs année déjà et même si je décide de prendre un autre produit, je reviens toujours à celui-là. Très bon rapport qualité/prix
These are what we are currently using for our washing and we use 1 for a small load and 2 for a big load. Love the scent as well!
Arm and Hammer Pods
I love the pods since they are premeasured. They are great at home, especially for my teenage sons so they don't have mess up our laundry but can help with chores
Arm & Hammer
Very convenient, great smelling laundry soap. I also use the liquid version. But would recommend as an easy to use product.
great value
good laundry pods and great value for the price. Pods are really convenience and has excellent cleaning power. I think that the oxi does make a difference in removing stains. However I noticed its is better to used more that one pod for regular load and three for larger load. Also it has a fresh subtle scent not too overpowering.
get lost dirt
love iron and hammer,find pod works well on my gardening clothes too.like the clean smell also
Good but..
I’ve tried this product after using for years the liquid version and....I wasn’t so satisfied as with the liquid version. In my opinion it doesn’t wash the clothes as well as the liquid version.
I find that OxiClean pods(?) - not sure what they are called - are the easiest to use. I just slip one in my pocket and off I go to the laundry room. Works well for cold water washes and makes your clothes smell fresh!
i love this detergent! it leaves all of our comforters and clothes so soft and smelling great! i recently started using this detergent and i will definitely be purchasing it again!
great price/great clean
I use this regularly. The scent is pleasant but not overbearing as some detergents are. Gets my clothes clean, coloreds don't bleed and whites are white. The pod is convenient to carry as I have to go down 4 flights of stairs to do laundry. I can throw few in my laundry bag and they arent heavy or bulky. They desolve nicely in cold or hot water, no residue is left behind. Cleans like the expensive products but at half the price.

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