Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Platinum Cloud Control Clumping Cat Litter

4.3 5 0 172 172 Powerful odor eliminators and Arm & Hammer baking Soda combine to keep litter box odors under control, while you enjoy your cats!
Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Platinum Cloud Control Clumping Cat Litter


Smell is reduced
It does do the job it says. Provided a dust free and eliminates most of the door. Very easy to do a change of the litter as well.
It works!!!!! No more smell
I have 5 cats, yes you heard me 5 cats. We have tried so many litters from different companies and always ended up with smelly litter in till I decided to try this litter and I can say I am never ever switching! This one is amazing and such a life saver.
Cat litter
I really love this product I hat 2 cats and it worth so well for them ,no dust or any thing and smells better
Goodbye smells
This works exactly as described. All smells completely gone.
It really work!
This litter make big promises and it nailed it! No dust, no odor. The cleaning is really easy! The turn down is the price. This litter is expensive...
I used this brand previously but found it pretty dusty but this is the perfect alternative. Easy to clean and keeps the smell Pretty well, definitely will Be my litter of choice in the future
True to its name!
Works great. Strong odor control and good clumping action with 2 cats. Shifts well.
Excellent odor control
I love this cat litter, it is amazing. I have 2 cats and even after a week and a half the litter box still smells fresh. Definitely recommend to all cat owners!!
love it
my cat and I love this cat litter. It definitely does not have any clouds of dust, and it clumps like crazy. I highly recommend it. way better than the other cat litters that leave a huge film of dust on everything in the room
Nice stuff
I like it because it doesn't stink, easy to clean and not dusty around.
Works Amazing
I have 2 indoor cats and have tried NUMEROUS litters. This cat litter lasts longer, smells better and no powdery clouds! I stock up when I can find coupons for this product.
The worst part of cheap cat litter is dust, second-worst is odor, and this took care of both of those. The only downfall is its price point, this is premium cat litter in comparison and you will be paying the premium price.
Best kitty litter ever
I have 4 cats and this is the best stuff I have ever used . No smelll no clumping.
We have 5 cats in our 2 bedroom apartment, and because we have a baby who is all over the place - we can only keep it in our entranceway. This has helped a lot with the overall smell. We do litter everyday but this lasts twice as long, and I don't have to do a full dump twice a week now vs. the cheaper brands. I tend to try and buy it when they have the coupon peelie on the front.
Multi cat litter
I have 3 male cats and I found the litter lasted twice as long as other brands ..I would refer this product to friends or ???

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