4.4 5 0 52 52 AVEENO® Hydrating Body Wash combines a natural scent with natural moisture for beautiful looking skin.
Aveeno Active Naturals Fig + Shea Butter Hydrating Body Wash
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I will be buying again
I have extremely dry skin because of my eczema and with in 2 weeks this was starting to make my still a lot more moisturized and it smells nice but the there’s not a fragrance so it’s great for sensitive skin! It didn’t bug my Ezra ya all and that was a surprise but a relief to have such a good body wash! I also love how a tiny bit goes along way you don’t have to use much at all!
My favorite
The scent is light,a little goes a long way and it truly leaves your skin feeling wonderful!
love it!
Love the smell and the way my skin feels so soft and clean after using it! Got it in a buck and doe raffle prize basket and was impressed. Will buy again and recommend
smell good & feel good!
love the scent of this Aveeno body wash- also works great for an aromatic bubble bath! (believe me, i've tried it!) leaves skin clean and soft
I have backups
Although this is second to my favourite Aveeno moisturizing body wash, I stock up on this bodywash. It is a nicer, more luxurious scent and Aveeno products have never irritated my skin.
Well, I must say; this was my last purchase for body wash and its absolutely LOVELY! The smell is delightful and soft! My skin feels devine! And I don't even mind the price point! I would recommend any Aveeno Body Wash! :D Nice Job!
Really good
I really like using this Aveeno body wash it’s one of my favorites. My skin feel so refreshed after using it.
Love aveeno
This is a super Hydrating Body Wash with a natural scent and natural moisture. Left my skin feeling clean, fresh and silky. loved it
I love Aveeno products! This body wash smells and feels soothing.
On my "Buy it Again" List
Affordable & long lasting with a wonderful fragrance. I have already purchased more since the initial bottle. Aveeno has impressed me with the quality of their products, while still keeping them affordable.
I tried this product a few months ago and loved the scent and the way it cleaned my body, it left my hair feeling light, not heavy with oils, the scent lingered. I would recommend this product. It was also very affordable.
Loved this product, did as it should as a body wash and the smell was aaaamazing ! 15/10 would buy again !
Amazing smell
Love this product. transformed my shower into a Spa. What more can you expect for a body wash! As good as some of the priceier body washes I have tried
Love the smell
The smell of this body wash is amazing but it wasn’t quite amazing for my skin, kinda made my dry patches flare up a bit.
Soft on your skin
Aveeno Active Naturals Hydrating Body Wash is one of my favourite body wash! There are many scents to choose from (my personal favourite is the lavender one. So calming!) It lathers on really nice, and leaves my skin feeling so amazingly soft. I've tried many different body washes, but none of them are as good as this one!

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