4.7 5 0 147 147 This rich, creamy yogurt-inspired body wash keeps skin velvety soft and healthy-looking.
Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash
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Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash is one of the many products that I feel I can not live without. I was introduced to this product by my mom 4 years ago and I must say I fell in love instantly! I've always had issues with body washes leaving an oily or icky feeling after use, but this wash absorbs so well that you can't feel any residue after. Not only does it leave your skin hydrated it also leaves your skin feeling very soft! Best part is it doesn't have strong perfume/scent!
This leaves my skin soft and radiant. I would highly recommend this.
I love Aveeno Daily moisturizing yoğurt body wash. It let's the skin so soft, glowing and hydrated the whole day and the scent is amazing as well.
My husband finds aveeno great for his sensitive skin. Especially with frequent cleansing.
I have sensitive skin and I can always count on Aveeno to develop products that I can use. I love a moisturizing body wash and this is great! Would buy again and would recommend to others.
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash uses all natural ingredients, and this is why my skin loves it so much, It doesn't lather as much as some other body washes but it definitely leaves my skin clean, this without any reaction or itchiness which I’ve experienced with other body washes. My skin also felt really soft after using this body wash, and I really love the subtle scent on my skin. I recommend AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash especially if you have sensitive skin or if you have sensitivity issues with some other body washes. I’ll definitely buy this product again.
The bodywash has soft vanilla scent. It left me feeling clean and refreshed and rinsed off without leaving behind any film or residue. Left my skin feeling silky soft.
I am currently using this, leaves my skin feeling soft and clean and smelling fresh!
My granddaughter uses this on an everyday basis for bath time. She has sensitive skin and this helps her keep moisturized throughout the day and also uses the lotion as well.
I received a full-sized bottle of this for free to review. I prefer body washes over soap, and my skin is fairly sensitive. Aveeno is amazing at handling skin sensitivities. The price is fair, and it can be found at many locations. I love the smooth, silky feel it leaves on my skin. I am very impressed with this product.
This product is absolutely amazing and at a great price. Revives your skin so no more dryness. I would recommend to anyone with dry skin.
really good body wash.nice clean scent and leaves skin just so soft!
I recommend this product especially if you have sensitive, dry and itchy skin. This is one of the products I can use with my sensitive skin. Many of the soaps out there I would break out into hives and a rash. This product makes my skin feel great. I’m never itchy anymore because it’s Moisture’s my skin and keeps it healthy and looking good. I use this on my kids since they were babies. It’s a great product and is great for people in the winter with dry skin or sensitive skin.
This is MY lotion, love it. Smooths these old hands of mine. Highly recommend using this. Not thick going on, not a strong scented lotion.
Love this! It is thick and creamy, smells great and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth,

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