4.7 5 0 148 148 This rich, creamy yogurt-inspired body wash keeps skin velvety soft and healthy-looking.
Aveeno® Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash
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I loved this product in the shower. Great unisex product as it wasn't too fragrant.
I have tried this product and it works wonderfully on dry skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling pretty good too.
Smells great, washes you well without drying out your skin. Great for sensitive skin. As an added bonus, it works extremely well for shaving your legs!
I love how soft my skin is when I use it. My husband has psoriasis and finds it very soothing and it helps keep his skin from drying out .
A little pricier than my usual body wash but worth every penny. It has a subtle scent and really does moisturize my skin.
I have used many body washes and they all seem to dry out my skin afterwards. After using Aveeno body wash my skin feels so soft and it is not dry at all. I will continue to use Aveeno body wash !
J'ai trouvé que ce savon sentait bon. Pour être hydratant, je n'ai pas vu de différence avec ce que j'utilise habituellement. Mais ça fait la "job" comme on dirait.
Its Aveeno, so it was meant to be good. But this product is so much more. Instantly soft supple skin, and the smell is amazing!
Aveeno is awesome for dry skin i use it every day for my dry skin works great
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love this product! It feels so silky and makes great soft lather. After using this, I also used the moisturizing body yogurt, and my very dry skin stayed smooth and soft ALL DAY!! The scent is strong, but it's lovely and I've gotten many compliments on how good I smell :) You'd swear this is an expensive, high end product! I will definitely get this again for myself, and probably for gifts!
Works amazing, skin felt calm after using. Good value
The scent of this product is delicious! It has a nice, creamy texture. I enjoyed using this product and had a positive experience, but I did not see any noticeable difference to the condition of my skin from using it. I am not discouraged from purchasing it, but I wouldn't make a point to specifically use it in future.
My first time using Aveeno,but wont be my last.Love the way it left my skin feeling hydrated,soft and silky. Aveeno has became part of my daily routine
I love this product. When I first came to Canada, winter played havoc with my skin, so much so that it cracked and bled. My Dr. recommended Aveeno, I have been a fan ever since.
You can’t go wrong with anything from Aveeno. The brand does everything it supposed to and more. This stuff makes my skin so hydrated and smooth! I would recommend this to anyone trying to take a more natural way or for sensitive skin. It works great.

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