4.7 5 0 224 224 This Baby Dove baby bar for sensitive skin is hypoallergenic, unscented and specifically developed for baby’s delicate skin to minimize the risk of skin allergies.
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this is a great soap for anyone that has sensitive skin it is soft and gentle
Great product for babies’ skin
I’ve been a lifelong user of dove products so it was an easy decision when I had my daughter to buy the dove baby soap. The soap is great for delicate skin and has a nice light scent.
Excellent baby soap
My son has very sensitive skin and even suffers from eczema that flairs up from time to time. We have him on a special cream coupled with this baby sensitive soap and it has done wonders for his skin. I would recommend this product you anyone even if your baby doesn't have sensitive skin.
Best bar soap ever
I have been using Dove bar soap for years. Love how they make my skin feel clean and not dry. My favourite is the baby Dove. You just have to love the baby fresh smell. Have tried others, but this is my go to bar hands down
Not allergy prone but love it
Hi my review is not about allergies since I’m not allergy prone neither is my family but the bar is definitely nice and good value for money. It’s not drying which I love especially for the winter
Baby Dove
I love this soap. It is very gentle and I love the smell of it. I highly recommend it.
doux et soyeux
J'achete ce produit depuis 2 ans pour mes 2 bébés et nous adorons. il laisse la peau de mes bébé douce et dégage une tres belle odeur. Je recomande ce produit même pour les bébés ayant la peau sensible.
Dove Baby bar Soap
This soap that is meant for babies has a very nice perfumed scent. The soap went into my daughters eyes but did not make her cry which was great. What I did not like however was that the soap made her skin dry afterwards. So I stopped using it.
Dove soap is Always a great choice
I have tried many soap bars in my life. But never always felt clean and the different products always made my skin very dry after showering. Until I tried Dove soap bar, probably, 25+ years ago. I have bought a variety of the Dove bar soap but the Sensitive skin one is what works best for me. Now I have told others about it because of their different skin issues and they love it as much as I do. Now it's the only Dove bar soap I buy. Keep on making this Sensitive Dave bar soap so I can always feel clean and not have dry skin after my showers. Shelly B
Loved it
I loved this beàuty bar for my little ones. The scent is amazing, my little ones skin was so soft after using this for there bath. We will definitely be buying this product again.
Très bon produit
J'achète habituellement le Dove au concombre, et dernièrement , il y avait une promotion pour le savon pour bébé. J'ai adoré l'odeur et la douceur de la peau après avoir utilisé le savon.
Love it
It totally mousturizes my skin. Definitely recommended during winter time when the skin is so dry. It is every penny worthy. It is gentle to my skin too which is so important for me..
Great soap for dry hands ! It smells very good too . I bough my at walmart for a great price .
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar
I use Baby Dove on my kids when they where babies . That was a few years ago. I found it kept my kids skin nice and soft. The smell on them after they had their bath was so nice. My niece had a baby not long ago. She use's Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar. When she gave her baby a bath. When I was there. The baby felt nice and smelt so nice. Just like my kids did years ago.
Baby Dove Soap
This soap is wonderful for my baby and kids sensitive skin.

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