Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion Moisturizer

4.8 5 0 104 104 he best lotion for babies with sensitive skin should gently nourish and care for their delicate skin.
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion Moisturizer


Guys buy this for you too, not just your baby
Baby dove products are kind of new around, so we are giving them a try to most of them. This lotion leaves my baby skin super soft, as all moms, I was kind of doubtful if I could apply it on her already soft and sensitive skin, yes, after I did I will continue using it.
Nice light cream
Leaves my babies skin so soft & moisturizes right away. Not greasy. Nice light feeling. Recommended!
The only lotion I use for my baby
Love that this is fragrance free and very gentle on my baby’s skin. It is very moisturizing yet doesn’t leave the sticky gooey texture on baby’s skin. We use this all the time for after bath time relaxing massage. It’s part of our routine and baby hasn’t had a problem with eczema or skin dryness with this.
Baby Dove
Gently moisturizers baby’s skin, light fresh scent, long lasting. Definitely my go to for baby’s lotion
Not just for babies
I love Dove, and baby Dove lotion is super moisturizing, gentle, without any greasy feeling. I just haven't been able to find it in many stores, as the regular Dove (which is just as good) seems to be more attainable.
Dove is the best
My hands were soft from the very first use. I recommend this product to everyone.
Alway repurchase this when we’ve run out ! Feels nice on the skin and super gentle . Doesn’t feel too thick and applies nicely
Baby dove lotion
Dove Baby Rich Moisture Lotion I purchased this dove baby lotion for my son , dove is always a promising brand , as per my 1st use it’s so soft & not sticky & affordable, love the mild fragrance.
Thanks to this product, I can have soft skin without irritation on my skin or be sick from heavy scents. It goes on nicely and no greasy feel to it, would recommend definitely!
Gentle and moisturizes well
I love this product! I use it for my kids all the time. Gives long lasting moisture and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. Its gentle for their sensitive skin too.
Daily use for Eczema problem skin
Since moving to Canada, my 3 year old son has really been struggling with bad eczema in the winter month over his entire body. This product twice a day is the best thing since sliced bread. It does not take away the eczema, but definitely keeps the hurt and itching under control and prevents it from getting worse. Comparing this with all the different ointments I received from doctors in the past, it is just amazing! Paired with the body wash for best effects, and my son is one happy chappy.
Hydrates well
When my younger son has eczema breakouts and it’s all dry this works wonderfully and it doesn’t make him all greasy feeling, this is the lotion he brings to me to put on
Creamy moisturizer
It is one of the creamiest and thick lotions, ideal for extreme winter months. I use this on my daughter in the morning and her skin remains soft throughout the day.
Really happy
My son had really sensitive skin when he was born. Someone had bought this for us as a gift and I was so happy to have it as the other lotion we had for our daughter didnt help him. This helped keep his skin nice and soft
Not just for a baby!
My husband has dry sensitive skin and he has to put lotion all over his body to prevent from cracking. The brand he was using got discontinued few months ago so he tried Baby Dove lotion and it is making his skin soft and moisturized!

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