4.7 5 0 85 85 he best lotion for babies with sensitive skin should gently nourish and care for their delicate skin.
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Tres bon produit
Mon bébé à la peau très sèche et cette lotion aide beaucoup à bien hydrater sa peau.
À racheter assurément
Nous avons reçu une bouteille en cadeau pour nos enfants qui ont la peau sensible et, après l'avoir essayé, nous sommes tombés sous le charme. Ce produit laisse la peau douce et n'est pas agressif pour la peau des petits bébés. Excellente marque !
Amazing !
My son is 2 years old and i have tried other products but i would have to say this is one of the best! The smell is so refreshing and it does its job definitely moisturizes.
Scent-free, no irritation
Absolutely thrilled with this lotion. So many sensitive products for babies are filled full of stuff, or alternately, lacking many 'nasties' but they still have scent. In my opinion, there's really no reason to ever have scent on a baby's skin. In sensitive products, it's especially unforgiveable in sensitive products. So the fact that this lotion is free of lots of problematic ingredients and also scent, is great! No irritation of babies skin and it left the skin nice and soft and hydrated feeling. Will definitely be keeping this on hand for washing my little relatives in the future!
This product is not just for Babies I am in my late 50s and it worked better than some of the more expensive adult moisturizers that I have bought.
J'utilise ce produit pour mon bébé, il est doux, facile d'utiliser, le prix est raisonnable et l'efficacité est génial. Il n'affecte pas sa peau et la laisse très douce. C'est vraiment très efficace et je recommande pour les mamans.
This is one of the best lotions i definitely recommend for baby and mommy too! I use it for my newborns sensitive skin after shower and i even use it for myself. Thats how much i like this product. Its very gentle, mild and soft to touch.
Great cream! I feel good using it on my babies and they smell great!
Big fan of Dove products for myself. Tried Dove Baby and was happy with results. Smells so Nice, rinses away easily and left baby with soft skin.
Très doux pour la peau de bébé, la pompe distribue un bonne quantité de lotion.
This is one of those products that is great for everyone it smells great it's great for sensitive skin I use it after baths for me and my son love it
Amazing product for babies soft skin. Highly recommended
Dove has great baby products. I used this as a toddler product. It is gentle and light
I use this for my baby and myself. After major hormon changes due to pregnancy, my skin decided to lash out at anything that came in contact with it. I used this after receiving it at my baby shower and I will never use anything else
My toddler has baby exczema and this product provides protection against dry skin. He likes it and I dont have to struggle putting it on him.

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