4.7 5 0 85 85 he best lotion for babies with sensitive skin should gently nourish and care for their delicate skin.
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Love dove product s gentle enough to use everyday on bady
Ohhh..I love the smell and how easy it is to used than a regular soap.
I love Dove products. I use the deostick, body lotion, showergel, soap
I would like to try dove baby wash as I have been using aveeno
sa serait parfaite ma fille riley a la peau tres sensible sa serait génial dans avoir
I’ve been using the dove bar for as long as I can remember...would like to try this since I have sensitive skin
I haven’t tried this. But I may give it a try to due to fact my son’s skin is very sensitive and everything has to be perfume and frag free
I want to try this for my son. I’m using baby dove bar for him and I love the result in his skin. Especially in the winter. The moisturer I am willing to try and give review.
J’adore cette lotion, la seule qu’on utilise pour la peau délicate de bébé !!
Dove is a brand you can trust to make safe and gentle products for our children. Love the smell of dove.
Ma fille a une peau sensible je souhaite tester se produit ... merci
I would love to use baby dove sensitive moisture lotion. I have very sensitive skin and sometimes I have to go to baby products!!
I would really love to use this product, i hear many people recommending it for babies.
I have no baby but do have a 4yr old step son that has senstive skin . I think it would work great for him and me cause i get really dry skin in the winter time. Like an gator ...
I would love to try this product on my very dry skin

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