4.7 5 0 51 51 he best lotion for babies with sensitive skin should gently nourish and care for their delicate skin.
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Lotion Moisturizer
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I would really love to use this product, i hear many people recommending it for babies.
I have no baby but do have a 4yr old step son that has senstive skin . I think it would work great for him and me cause i get really dry skin in the winter time. Like an gator ...
I would love to try this product on my very dry skin
j'aimerai essayer ce produit pour mon bébé, j'utilise du dove principalement mais ce produit je ne le connais pas...
i would really like to try this product before i buy thanks
exactement le produit je dois essayer pour ma nièce sans parfum
Id like to try a sample of this baby product,,,,thanks
Bought the baby wash and was so fresh and soothing to my baby boy's skin. Would love to try the lotion as well
I would love to try this with my newborn grandson and with my other two grandchildren. I have used Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby shampoo 33 years ago and haven’t used it again since he was three. I would like to try this product and give my results if I was given the chance to test it, I look forward to be hearing back from you and I would like it if I were to be chosen to try testing this product.
I use the deostick and the body wash and am looking for some good lotion that won't make my break out and help with the stretch marks I have. Hoping to get to try this soon. If it is good for my skin I'll try it on my baby too.
I would love to try this to see if it will help my sensitive, dry skin.
I very much love products from Dove. I use their shampoo and conditioner as well as Dove spray anti-perspirant. My skin is sensitive at times so I use baby sun-screen. I have not tried this product, but if it is like the other Dove products, I think I would like it very much.
Would love to try this product.it would probably help with dry skin. If it's good for babies then I'm sure it would work for adults too. I like products that don't have a heavy scent and is gentle on the skin.
I have not tried this product. But l love dove and the smell of dove
With skin issues ( dry hands and legs , cracked finger tips, etc ), we would love to try this product and find one that works for our family. Will pass my review within a few weeks

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