4.6 5 0 347 347 Discover how Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits are perfect for introducing solid food to a baby! Made especially for teething babies
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Dissolvable and Easy to Eat Snack
Both my kids love mum mums. They’re not very filling, but are a great snack for babies who are just learning how to eat and don’t have many teeth. The flavour is mild and they’re easy to grasp, which is ideal. Great to take along if you need something to distract babe and make little mess while out and about.
Great snack for babies!
Baby mumums are a favourite in our household, they are easy to grab, easy to bit even without teeth and dissolve quickly. They weren't particularly filling, but provided interest for my baby who loved munching on them while we were on the go. Have a wipe handy because they can get quite messy!
My niece LOVES these
My niece absolutely loves these cookies. (And so does my dog when my niece drops one!) I for sure recommend it help them learn how to eat bigger foods. And how to hold on to them.
Baby did not like
My baby did not like this product. They did smell and taste very synthetic and the shape, texture and colour were also poor. Smaller sizes and less packaging would be preferred. I would not recommend this product.
Baby mum mum
These crackers/cookies are great to have on hand whenever you may have little ones. My grandchildren come over and love these. They melt in the mouth so no problem not having teeth.
Very good at teething time
My baby loved it I started to buy this when he was 7 months old He loved it
Kid approved
Highly recommend, great little snack for the young ones, quickly dissolves in the mouth. Will be buying again once our new addition is older !
Baby mummum
My baby loves it alot.i started buying when he was month. And he's 15 months now, I haven't stopped buying because he loves it. Love the way it dissolve quickly in the mouth. He crunches on it whenever he is going impatient in the process of me making he meal. Also good as on the go snack for babies
Love it
Perfect little snack for 4 months and up. It disolves so quickly don't have to worry about choking. And it tastes great too
Little one loves these. And so do I. Great for beginners. It's a perdect little snack for on the go or if the lo is getting a little hungry before dinner is ready. They dissolve super quick which is awesome, so low choking hazard. Had some issues first use, lo tried to take the whole thing at once, so just broke it into tiny pieces so she could learn portion control.
Great for beginners
These are amazing when your kids are first starting out on food! Both my boys were a little too eager and tried putting the whole thing in their mouths so I had to break it up into little pieces. I love that these dissolve in their mouth so there is less chance of chocking.
Very good taste and smell. Baby loves it! We tried it too and it really tastes good. Not dangerous, perfect for introduction since it instantly melts in your mouth.
Baby mummum
I had gotten this for my older daughter when she was little as one of her first finger foods and she loved it! It felt good on her gum especially when she was teething. She enjoyed the taste and that she could hold and eat it herself. The only thing is it can get a bit messy.
Great snack for babies
My daughter who just turn 5 months started eating solids a few weeks ago. This snack is perfect for her to eat in between meals. I love that it melts instantly when it is wet. I also like that it comes in individual packages of twos; perfect to pack in the diaper bag. My daughter loves it!
Great for snacking
My little girl loves these. They come in a few different flavours. Good for something to chomp on when she's teething or just for a snack. I always watch her with them even though they melt in her mouth. We've only tried on flavour so far but will be trying others soon

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