4.5 5 0 260 260 Ever since the Original Irish Cream was first introduced, the world has held its rich, creamy taste in a class by itself. And now, the original BAILEYS™ experience can be relived in a delicious cup of coffee - morning, noon, or night.
BAILEYS™ Coffee Creamer The Original Irish Cream
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The Original is Best!
The title says it all! I've tried several different kinds of "Irish Cream" coffee whitener, and there really is no other one that can compare to the Bailey's Brand! It truly is the one and only best, being the original brand!
Ce produit fait partie d'un de mes achats quotidien. J'adore son goût ainsi que la texture qu'il apporte au café. J'ai montré ce produit a plusieurs personnes qu'il en achète souvent maintenant! Je recommande fortement!
Not something I’d drink every day, but I really enjoyed it over the holidays when I couldn’t partake in actual Bailey’s. Nice to pick up when you have company or want a little treat for yourself. Great in hot chocolate too!
I'm not even a coffee drinker, I was at my moms one day and she loves this stuff so i tried some and it was delicious!!
Like the real thing.
This is so good in my coffee. I love waking up in the morning and having a coffee with this creamer in it. I only wish it came in a larger size so it would last longer. I would recommend this and serve it up whenever I get the chance.
Coffee dreams
I love bailey's anyways, but I don't drink it anymore, so it's a good substitute to start your day with
Takes coffee to a whole other level. Tried it while camping so it was instant coffee and I wasnt looking forward to it, but i was pleasantly surprised once I tasted it and this was in it! It reminded me of christmas morning, fresh coffee and baileys. I get it regularly now and whenever i feel like a coffee with baileys i can have one. Kids also love it with their hot chocolate
A nice Bailey's substitute!
I enjoyed this product in my coffee over the holidays when I was craving Bailey's but wasn't able to indulge in the real thing due to being on call! Goes great in coffee and hot chocolate!
Just like putting baileys in coffee
This is the perfect alternative for using the real Baileys alcohol in my coffee without having any booze. I wish it came in a larger bottle though because its that good! I would totally recommend this.
Rich and Creamy
Almost as good as the liquer. Rich, creamy and flavorful; a nice addition to your coffee.
bon gout
délicieux dans du café ou pour aromatiser ma crème glacée
Perfect for your Coffee
Bought this for Christmas, and I love it. The coffee tastes so rich and creamy. Wonderful rich taste. Will buy again.
Du bohneur
C'est un incontournable chez-nous, il me le faut ça ajoute un petit quelque chose de plus dans le café
My husbands favorite
My husband loves to put Bailey’s Cream in his coffee. This is as good as the real thing minus the alcohol. Great tasting.
A cup of heaven
This is a treat that I'm proud to offer to dinner guests. It's smooth taste and aromatic smell sets the mood for a perfect dessert pairing. I'd recommend this to everyone and have in fact brought as a hostess gift for morning coffee with friends. Delicious!!!!

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