4.5 5 0 51 51 Banana Boat Ultra Sport High Endurance Clear Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 is designed to offer UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection to help prevent sunburn, and provide high endurance against sweat and water. The product is water- and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes, and retails in a 226g value sized pack.
Banana Boat Ultra Sport High Endurance Clear Sunscreen Spray SPF 30
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This product is my go-to for my son. I love that its non-greasy and it doesn't wash off while hes swimming.
My go too
This is my go too brand , love it ! My kids and husband all love the fact its not greasy
i really liked this product. its so easy to use because its a spray, it has really good coverage and its not sticky, i think it could improve on the price but other than that i would definitely recommend this.
What is what I expected
This gives great coverage, but when in and out of the water and playing sports, I felt that i had to reapply too often. The smell is great.
Easy to apply
Easy to use and the smell was nice. I much prefer spray to lotion sunscreens. I use this lower SPF but prefer a higher one for the kids. It dries quickly so the kids can get in the water to swim faster :)
I really ask you guys ti buy this subscren. It is nok sticky and help from sun burning
Prefer spray to lotion
I use this brand all the time. I also buy the kids formula for the grandkids. I do prefer the higher SPF though. My husband wears this one a lot. It's quick and easy to use. I prefer the spray to the lotion. I love this brand.
easy to use
I use this when I go down south, quick easy to use and good coverage
vacation buddy
I take this with me when I go south. Quick and easy to apply. Good coverage. Easy to pack in the suitcase.
Easy and Quick
Great for the golf course to the backyard pool. Smells great, goes on light.
My go-to sunscreen
I love this sunscreen. The scent is really nice and one of the reasons I keep buying it. It stays on for as long as advertised and the spray mechanism gives good coverage. I'll be buying it again!
Smells good
I quite like like this sunscreen. The spray option is definitely easier to use on the go than actual lotion. It has a nice smell to it too. Been using this brand for a while now and will definitely be buying it again
Liked this
Good product, spray is very handy, quick to apply, not greasy like many other sunblock!! I didn’t like the smell of it, reminded me of bug spray
Fast and use friendly
Fast to spray on do need To cream for minutes and minutes. Only need To spray the lotion and pass with your hand and job is done.
As an active mother, I use this consistently thru out the warm seasons. It's never let me down

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