4.3 5 0 139 139 Moist and chewy Bear Paws cookies made better with naturally coloured confetti and real yogurt coating - the perfect lunchbox snack for those special birthday occasions!
Bear Paws Dare Birthday Cake Soft Cookies
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Pour les dents sucrées
Goûte vraiment le gâteau mais est très sucré. À offrir en dessert plus qu'en collation.
this ones the best one yet it’s so good and the icing makes it PERFECT
A bit sweet
I found these to be a bit sweet but my 8 year son loves them and seeing as he is who we buy them for, I guess that's a good thing. I prefer the banana bread flavoured ones but it's fun that they're coming out with new flavours.
One of the only Bear Paws my daughter insists on me buying!
The cookie is a little too small but the taste is good
Wanted to love
Im Obsessed normally with everything that is birthday cake flavoured . What threw me off was how waxy and inedible the frosting felt . And the cake wasn’t Cake flavoured enough
Yummy Little Cookies
These little cookies are so moist and chewy. Just a handful of them make delicious snack.
I wouldn’t say I am crazy about the flavour but it’s alright. I guess I’m not too find of the icing cream on it but it’s alright for once in a while. I like the chocolate chip flavour better but otherwise I love bear paw cookies!
Sugar Sugar
Tooooo sweet and not healty Sugar. Non to good for the kids
Birthday Cake for the win!!!!
I am a sucker for anything birthday cake related and these for the most part didn’t disappoint. My only recommendation might be that just the yogurt drizzle on top rather than also coating the bottom would have been better. But that is only because I am not overly into really sweet things. But super good!!! P.S. try Dares birthday cake cookie chips 🤤
My kids love bear paws
It is so soft and tastes great. It is peanut free so safe for schools as well. I even eat them, love Bear Paws Birthday cake🙈
I love these bear paws. They have a yummy vanilla coating and there are sprinkles throughout the bar. It can get a little messy with toddlers because the "frosting" melts fast.
Fun treat
I bought this for my son because he loves birthday cake tim bits - he was so excited about this treat because they taste exactly like vanilla birthday cake. I've tried them and they were yummy.
Too sweet for me
We like the bear paw collection, so when I saw this my family and I wanted to try it. Unfortunately it was just too sweet for us. The quality of them were fine, tasted good just too sweet. Maybe a treat once in a while, but definately not something I'd buy regularly.
Good, but not amazing
These snacks are pretty different, and good, but I can’t give it 5 stars because sometimes the little sprinkles are too hard and almost feel like it’ll chip a tooth! But they’re great for treat bags for birthday parties.

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