Bear Paws Dare Birthday Cake Soft Cookies

4.3 5 0 210 210 Moist and chewy Bear Paws cookies made better with naturally coloured confetti and real yogurt coating - the perfect lunchbox snack for those special birthday occasions!
Bear Paws Dare Birthday Cake Soft Cookies


My Kids Are Obsessed!
My kiddos love these! It is their favourite flavour now. The box doesn't last long here. My husband secretly sneaks them too ;)
Great snack for myself and my Daughter
I like the taste of Bear Paws and my Daughter does as well. I think the flavour is great and its great that they are peanut free for schools.
Bear Paw Party!
Both of my daughters, ages 7 and 3, have been a fan of Bear Paws for years! They are a great snack, so many delicious flavours and very kid friendly! These Birthday Cake ones are always in stock at our home!
Bought these for my 4 yo girl. She loved them. Not gonna lie, I tried it too and they are soo delish, had to put them out of my sight otherwise I'd eat them all
C'est bon
Cette patte d'ours est très bonne elle goute bien le gâteau elle son sucrée mais les enfants aiment bien les manger
Soft and sweet, good for kids!
Dare Bear Paws Birthday Cake Soft Cookies is something different. A box of these containing six individually wrapped cookies. The cookies are in the shape of bear paws, and they are perfectly soft, dense, and chewy, and it has a nice textural with sweet yogurt frosting. My kids are loving them too, and I will buy more of these in the future. It is prefect for snack for school and trips.
My kids love Bear Paw snacks. I love how they are nut free so they can be taken to school. I usually pack it as a special sweet treat for my kids. Tasted delicious.
Birthday cake bear paws
I have tried these and wasn’t a huge fan. While they are edible, I personally didn’t find them all that great. They came across bland to me with a bit of icing to say it had “that birthday cake flavour” though I felt it lacked that. While bear paws makes great cookies, I personally don’t find these one of their best products.
Loved these!
I loved these Bear Paw cookies! The flavour was amazing and it tasted just like Birthday Cake Timbits! They were sweet and had frosting and sprinkles just like a cake. My kids loved them, just wish there was a little less sugar. But as treat they were delicious.
Got these for my daughter in law as a joke birthday gift. We all loved them. Soft and Chewy and delicious. Price is always good as well.
im old but like to try those Dare Paws, Really taste the cake and they are very soft, one is not enough for me, I recommend for the little ones as the oldest, satisfaction assured.
Good but not amazing
My kids love the product! Their is always their number 1 choice. I would wish for less grams of sugar in the product to make it perfect!
It's my all-time favourite bear paws I have ever tried. I like the icing on it and that they are not dry. I wish more came in the box but they are not expensive because I can find them at my local dollar store.
Kids approve
My step kids chose this kind specifically and continue to chose it when we need more. Taste great!
School snacks
My son at 3 loved these little guys. At 8 he still loves but dont buy them as he says the cookies as good as they taste, they are too small. Make bigger sizes for bigger kids

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