Bear Paws Gingerbread

4.3 5 0 482 482 If you love fresh-baked food, you'll savour these Bear Paws that taste just like gingerbread right out of the oven.
Bear Paws Gingerbread


Je l’es ai acheter l’année passée et cette année aussi probablement! Au lieu de faire des pain d’épice je leur fait décorer avec du crémage et des bonbons ! Les enfants adorent ça !
Bear paws
Nice product, I buy only this product. My children love these cookie
I love these and all the little kids that I know love them too. They are so soft and a perfect little holiday treat. 10/10!
They are ok
My son really loves these but I find them just okay. The texture is a little off for taste. I little too dry for a soft gingerbread. I like it a little more moist. Packaging is cute though.
Nice ginger flavor
Great for kids and adults alike. Nice ginger flavor without being overpowering. The soft texture of the cookies makes them enjoyable with milk, coffee or tea. My family would eat these year round if available.
Chewyyyyyy goodnesssss
I love them they have a variety of cookies and all good …soft chewy full of flavor
Bear paws Gingerbread
Oh these are good! My kids love bear paws. They make my morning easier packing their lunches and my kids love them. Also great is that they are individually wrapped and school. Love this festive flavour.
Bear paws
My son loves them alot. I will definitely buy again. Hope they come up with new flavors. I like them too.
A memory of my favorite aunt
My aunt loved baking and loved feeding us when we were growing up. During the holidays, my favorite was her gingerbread cookies that were moist ,so yummy . These gingerbread Bearpaw are close reminders to those days
Très bon! On na tous adorer comme petite collation et ce traine facilement dans une sacoche !
Pat d ours
Mes petites filles les adore , ont leur met dans leur lunch pour le école. Et les soirs avant de dormir .et mon fils et ma belle fille en mange aussi , très bien pour les collants
Great Snack
My kids love the Gingerbread Bear Paws. They have a mild gingerbread flavour. I love that they are packaged for easy to grab snacks.
Soft Individually Packed Cookies
I like this product for a sweet snack. It’s individually packed for ease of packing into a lunch or to throw in your bag to eat later. I’m only giving it 4 stars because the wrapping is not environmentally friendly.
Bear Paws Gingerbread taste just like Christmas. Soft and slightly chewy, with the amazing gingerbread taste! These warmed up with a glass of milk make you feel like Santa Claus himself. Would recommend.
My son like it for lunch pack. He loved it

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