4.3 5 0 214 214 If you love fresh-baked food, you'll savour these Bear Paws that taste just like gingerbread right out of the oven.
Bear Paws Gingerbread
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Mmmm bear paws
I love Bear Paws cookies and gingerbread is one of my favorite flavors so I had to buy some and loved them. They didn't last very long as my spouse really loved them too!
yummy soft gingerbread
it was a nice dessert or snack! it’s a soft gingerbread, all it needs is icing!
Nice Flavor
Such a nice change from the chocolate chip. I purchased a box for school lunches and decided to try one. Great gingerbread flavor but not over done.
Holday school treat
I discovered these this year around Christmas time, (not sure if they were around previously) Our girls really liked them for before the holidays. It put them in the mood and craving gingerbread! Let's just say, we may have made a gingerbread house after!
bonne collation
tres pratique en sachet pour les collations,tres bon gout
excellent gout, super pratique pour les collations de nos enfant et pour les ptits voyages en route et pour l'école
Kids don’t care for it
My niece and nephew will only eat a half a bag each. They will only ask for it when we have nothing else. Prefer other flavours
Surprisingly Good
Wasn’t sure what to expect, but the kids liked them. They were soft and delicious.
Fun to try
My boys enjoyed trying them during Christmas but after they ate one they didn't want to eat anymore.
Excelent choice for snacks
It is a great snack for kids. With good flavor, not too sugary and the good size. It is very soft so you have to take care to carry it.
Good deal
There isn’t a flavour of these cookies that I don’t like. The price is right too!
Awesome ....but bear paws are. This flavor is great.
Gingerbread bear paws
A bit dry in texture but other than that, the flavor is pretty good.
Bear paws
Tastes pretty good, soft and moist great snack and good for kids lunches
Nice, soft gingerbread snack
I bought these for my teenagers who love Bear Paws. I tried one and ended up eating most of them. I loved gingerbread flavour, not too overpowering. Nice and soft. Very convenient for lunches, for me and my teens.

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