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Belvita Breakfast
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love this Brand & company
Over all the product they make are very good and tasty and are great for snacking!
these are very tasteful and perfect little snacks to fill you up on the go, they are not plain and are super good.
Great for road trips/airplanes
I buy these to take with me on road trips and on airplanes. They're a great snack between meals or as a replacement for gross airplane food. I wouldn't eat them everyday though.
This product is so good. It is sweet but not too sweet.
I use these when I go on trips for the airplane or whenever I need them. They taste good but are too processed for every day.
Love this product...oatmeal is my favourite. I keep a package in my purse for those moments when I need a great snack!
je les ai adoré et ma famille aussi excellent au petit déjeuner et en collation
I love Belvita! The Oatmeal flavour is my favourite. Delicious with or without peanut butter spread on them. I carry some with me if I am out on the go doing errands. If I get hungry I have something to snack on!
I was given a sample of these recently at the National Women's show...can you say YUMMMY....delicious...
I have tried these before and I love them. So soft and a perfect snack. I love to dip them in cookies but, not for to long or them will crumble. Can't waste them! Mmm good!
il sont bon tendre & tres délicieux..pour collation aussi
I start my day with Belvita, they are soft, delicious and offer a variety of flavors. They also make a great afternoon snack or anytime snack and I keep a pack in my purse when I'm on the go!
I have tried these Christie's Belvita Breakfast Bars, and I just love them! They are so soft and flavourful, and they can be used as a quick breakfast on-the-go or as a snack at any time of day. I am certainly going to purchase them again, and I highly recommend them!
Bonne alternative qu déjeuner quand on est pressé! Délicieux et rassasiant.
I love these! , they're actually quite filling, and perfect for when I have to run in the morning

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