4.3 5 0 46 46 BADgal BANG! creates massive volume without weighing down lashes. This innovative, intense, pitch-black mascara layers with the custom big slimpact! brush, streamlined for 360° reach.
Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Volumizing Limited Edition Mascara
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I love this mascara, literally, it sets my eyelashes really good! I have really short eyelashes and when I use the mascara they become long and get the volume that I love to have every day. It’s the perfect mascara, although is a little expensive
Long lashes
I was given a mascara kit for christmas, consisting of many luxury mascaras. This one was definitely my favourite out of the seven. I’m always looking for mascaras to help my eyelashes look longer. This product did just that. it really only requires one coat of mascara to get the lashes you desire and the best part is that it doesn’t clump!
It worked good
I tired this prouduct it worked like it said for me lasting long made my eyes pop.my lashes look greeat people asked if they were fake.
Liked it , as there are so many different kinds and types
Nice Product
Really nice product. Separates the lashes well and doesn't leave too much product. Lasts well throughout the day. I do wish there was a little more product for the price, but overall a good product.
No more clumping
Love the way it separates your lashes. I always hate putting on mascara only to have my lashes look like spider legs.
Frequent customer
This is one of my favorite brands for cosmetic specially the mascara. I really like the way it makes your eyes look beautiful while not too flashy and natural looking
As a Benefit Bad Gal bang mascara purchaser in the black tube formulation, I love this new volumizing formula in the hot pink tube!! The brush Benefit uses for it Bad Gal bang mascara is the bomb. Gets all your tiny little lashes with little effort and does not clump like other mascaras
Not worth the price tag
I tried this as a deluxe sample and it just didn't wow me. I found that it didn't give significant length or volume and tended to drift down into my under eyes by the end of the day.
So good!!
All of the mascaras by this company are amazing. I like this one because it doesn't leave too much product on my lashes and doesn't clump. It is a little hard to wipe off. Just make sure you use a good makeup remover.
Love the Volume
I love the volume of the mascara which goes on smooth, does not smudge & lasts the entire day. I do not have to use much to achieve the look I desire. It makes my lashes fuller & longer. I would recommend this mascara.
My lashes are naturally very long, and its hard for me to find a formula that separates all my lashes equally while hydrating them for the entire day. This did add great volume to my lashes, but did start to flake through out the day
This product is nothing special I’d refer to is as a very meh product it does what a drug store brand would be definitely no wow factor here therefore I would not buy again not at this price point maybe on sale
honestly for the price, this really sucked, does not add any volume
Magnificent! This is my new favorite mascara, it really made my eyelashes thicker and longer. It does not smudge and this mascara is really smooth. I absolutely love it. I would totally recommend this to my friends.

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