Betty Crocker Frozen Soft Baked Snacks

3.4 5 0 52 52 6 bars, oats and chocolate chip.
Betty Crocker Frozen Soft Baked Snacks


I absolutely love this soft cookies. I take it to work for a snack and in my son's snack box
Had a coupon so we tried them at the house, two out of three boys enjoyed them. I found them a bit sweet but the kids enjoyed them in their lunch as a mid morning snack
I bought these for my grand daughter and she didn't like them too much
We bought these, because my Frozen obsessed daughter saw them, and had to have them. She usually loves soft baked cookies, but she wouldn't eat these. I tried them and have to agree that I was not too impressed either; dry, crumbly, and not sweet at all.
i had a free product coupon for these,, they were delicious
Package caught my daughters eye but we really weren't big fans
These Frozen cookies sure are cute but they're a little dry and tasteless. If they weren't shaped like Olaf I'm not sure my kids would like them so much.
these are good snacks for kids, i had some also, i mmust say they not too bad,
I have tried these- soooo good!! I love the flavor but I was hoping they would a be a bigger cookie. I know this product is suitable for kids as a snack.
My kids have tried these when they first came out. I thought it was very cute how the cookies are in the shape of a snowman/Olaf. They taste good and are the perfect size for a small snack for school.
My kids found them too sweet and didn't like the texture of them
I had a coupon for a free box of these... and honestly I'm glad I didn't pay for them. They in no way taste like a chocolate chip cookie. Way too bland. And the texture was more like shoe leather. Even my husband who is a cookie freak threw his in the garbage.
My family loved these for their chewy goodness and chocolate chips! I loved them for the oatmeal that gave them a sort of homemade taste and a lot of fibre. We also loved the Minion version -- Banana!!
Great snack for keeping in my desk. Long shelf life! Great for a mid afternoon snack when my sugar is dropping and I need some chocolate. Not too sweet which I love! Will definitely buy again!
These are actually really good.Have taken them myself to work for a snack.They are tree nut free(which I am allergic to) I believe they are also peanut free.Would highly recommend!

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