BIC® Brite Liner® Grip Highlighters

4.8 5 0 139 139 The BIC Brite Liner Grip Pastel Highlighter features soft pastel ink to make organizing or decorating your notes easy and fun. These highlighters fit comfortably in your hand with a soft grip for added comfort and control. Each reliable highlighter writes for up to eight hours without a cap and not dry out.
BIC® Brite Liner® Grip Highlighters


Love them
I use these often, not for notes, maybe occasionally, mainly use them for coloring in the adult coloring books although they are very light. I love the pastel colors ! I use them alot when doing crossword puzzles instead of circling them, I highlight them!!! Will keep buying.
So cute
Some of the markers are super light it’s almost impossible to see them but they are super cute pastel colours! I have always been big on pastel so when I seen these I scooped them up so fast and have gotten another pack since my first pack of highlighters
I really like these highlighters. I don't use them for note taking. I use them for coloring in my color books. I love the soft colors, yet bright at the same time.
Love these colours
The only highlighters I buy cause the colours are so lovely and uplifting, it helps encourage me to take better organized notes.
Long lasting ink; pretty colors, di nit smudge can easily write over it ;
Cutest highlighters
Bought them for school the ink lasted all year! I love the grip they are easy to hold and the colours are really pretty. I wish there were bigger pack in other colours like maybe neon or something. Love this product totally recommend!
The colours
I just loved the pastel colours of these. Makes me feel creative
These are good, pastel highlighters. If used on top of sharpie or darker markers, it may pick up the other colour, but that's pretty normal.
Cute colours!
They highlight very well, in gorgeous pastel colours and they don't smudge. These are my favourite highlighters by far
In love
I was given theses for free at work and I've fallen in love 5 stars
Very good coverage. Does not transfer or smudge. Some other brands transfer the ink to your fingers.
Excellent Quality
The colors are bright and the highlighters last quite awhile. Good product for your money.
Work and Play
Bic's Brite Liners Grip Highlighters are great to use as they make whatever you want noticed highlighted. They are a nice light colour so they do not over power what you have writtened. I love Bic products as they are good quality.
beautiful colours
i love these highlighters they are fantastic. The highlighters have beautiful colours and the ball point on them make its easy not only to highlight other writing but to write with themselves. The pastels are nice and easy on the eyes. They are a nice change from the original old highlighter colours. `
Colours are easy on the eyes
I love the soft pastel shades of these highlighters. As a post-secondary instructor I spend a lot of time making notes for my class prep and I can comfortably look at notes highlighted with these soft pastel shades for hours without experiencing eye fatigue like I do with the fluorescent yellow ones. They last a long time and the colours haven’t faded even when I come back to my notes after a year or more.

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