Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Micellar Water

4.2 5 0 59 59 Removes makeup, deep cleans pores & refreshes.
Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Micellar Water


Seems gimmicky
Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Micellar Water Seems really gimmicky. The baking soda is unnecessary and a bit drying if you ask me. Bioré seems to be grasping at straws. I ouldnt recommend this one.
Just okay
This micellar water gets the job done - it removes makeup well; however, I would say it might be on a harsher side for the skin. I always rinse it off because I find the scent to be strong. I would not probably repurchase this particular variety, but I am open to buying from Biore again.
Good product
I purchased this for the first time and was not disappointed. Works well and is affordable. Would buy again.
Boire wins again
This product is on point I really love it. It’s great for any skin type really. Especially for someone like me who has combination skin and has a hard time mixing and matching products. I don’t feel dry after it in my skin feels super.
Très bon produit
Moi et mon conjoint utilisons ce produit depuis quelques mois et on l’adore
Une peau bien propre
J'aime bien pour enlever les impureté sur ma peau par contre je dois appliquer une crème immédiatement après sinon ma peau a tendance a être trop sec et ça tiraille.
Baking Soda?!
The thought of baking soda is what caught my eye. I thought it would be super tingly but it's not bad. I like the appeal of it, and the smell. Will keep buying to mix with my wipes.
So Fresh & So Clean!
Even with the first use I was very impressed! It does well at removing make-up and impurities, leaving your skin literally feeling radiant! (Almost like how mint makes your mouth feel radiant!) I strongly recommend you try this product!!
Removes impurities
I really like this toner, surprised with how well it cleaned. I am amazed with the dirt, oil and product residue it draws out. I really enjoy this and will purchase again.
Gotta get over the smell first
I haven't found a micellar water that doesn't work for me, however, I probably wouldn't purchase this again simply because of the scent. For me, it took a while for the strong smell to go away so for that reason it wasn't something I would want to repurchase.
A good face product!
I tried this product on a whim after I ran out of my normal micellar water and I wasn't disappointed! This worked really well at removing the leftover makeup that my makeup wipe didn't get. However, I was super hesitant to use this around my eyes so I stuck with the rest of my face most of the time. The smell is a little weird, but it doesn't linger on your face. My skin felt clean and it didn't feel like I needed to wash my face after using.
Best bang for your buck
I purchased this at the dollar store and I am so glad I got to try it at such a great price point. I love this micellar water! I have tried a few different kinds but this one is really nice and fresh and feels very cleansing without having to wash your face. I use it at night to clean dirt and grime away from the day so I can go to bed with a fresh face. It really does a good job of cleansing away the dirt and impurities and works great for eye makeup as well. I would totally buy this again from the dollar store, or full price as I really feel like its worth every dollar.
Excellent Scent, Effective at removing dirty
This is a very well composed / formulated product. Just a few swipes of this on your face with a cotton pad, you will get off dirt, makeup, oil, other impurities etc. Not sure the effect of the baking soda in terms of cleaning but it does leave your skin feeling clean. A bit drying but nothing some moisturiser / serum cannot fix.
gentle cleanser
I found this while in the dollar store and decided to give it a try, $3 isn't bad to try something new. I really like this product. It is gentle and works great on removing my eye make up. I use it on my whole face and it leaves it feeling soft, smooth and clean. There is no smell like some facial cleansers.
Cheap & Effective
I always find this stuff at my local Dollarama and I pick up a new bottle every time I am there cause it's much cheaper than if I had gone to Shoppers and picked up the product. This stuff works wonders. IT takes off even waterproof makeup and cleans your skin at the same time. Not only does it to do that but it makes your skin feel fresh and soft without using harsh chemicals. If you're looking for makeup remover that doesn't leave your face oily and greasy; this is your new bestie!

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