3.4 5 0 57 57 200mL. Deep cleans pores & gently exfoliates.
Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser
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Clean but a lil drying
This product is really affordable for people that would like to use it for their skincare routine. Upon usage it is very easy to put on and wash off. But after fully washing it off it made my skin dry. Although it made my skin dry (my skin is combination) it could work for someone else,give it a try!
Dry skin
I tried using this product for more than a week just to see if it would get better. However, whenever I wash my face with it, it dries it out and I feel my face tighten. The only upside is that it does really clean your face good. Overall, I would not recommend this product.
Fresh clean feeling
This cleanser is really nice to use. It foams great and leaves my skin feeling very clean. I like that it feels like I have actually cleaned my skin off and nothing is left over.
Not bad
This is a typical baking soda mixed with water. It dries out your skin and leave a reddish marks especially when you’re on the sensitive side. But yes, it does what it supposed to do. I just wished it was little more for all skin types.
Very good
Its a very good cleanser. I love it. For sure I will share with my friends. Cleaned all of my pore. That' amazing. For sure met my expectations. And I bought at superstore. For sure I will recommend for friends and family. Amazing!
This cleanser is good, but I have tried better ones.
This does what any normal cleanser does, I didn't find it that outstanding unfortunately.
Works nice, but nothing special really. I feel like people might as well wash their face with some baking soda together with their regular facewash or just as is. If the baking soda is what attracts customers. On the other hand, it probably feels good, when your favorite brand creates a product containing natural trusted ingredients.
I bought this cleanser because it was both on sale, and had a manufacturer's coupon. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this product left my face, clean and soft. I have mild skin sensitivities, and Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser did not dry out my skin at all.
After using for a week it left my skin clean, smooth and soft
Hmmm... I don't really know what to say about this product... I bought it and used it quite a few times and loved it.. I am a fan of bioré products. I would have recommended it and givin it 5 stars.. But the last time I used it.. It burned my face.. Some sort of chemical burn...it hurt and I had to put ice on it..I was so shocked... Cause it never happened before... Been scared to use it since.. So idk
I was excited to try this product and when k finally bought it and started using it I noticed it really does clean deep down into you pores, nice clean tingly feeling!!! When I use it regularly it keeps my face clean, doesn't over dry but didn't help with break outs which I was disappointed!!! It cause me to have more break outs!
this cleanser works great on my oily skin. after using it regularly i can definitely say my skin has gotten better. i would recommend this product.
This is a great cleanser. It has become a new favourite. My face feels fresh and very clean.
I found this facial cleanser to be too harsh for my sensitive skin to use daily, so I use it as a once-a-week facial wash instead. While I love Biore products, I probably wouldn't buy this one again.

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