4.2 5 0 8 8 Each bite is blasted with delicious flavor of peanut butter and chocolate, for a breakfast that tastes more like whoa than wheat.
Blasted Shreds
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General mills chocolate peanut butter shreds
I found the cereal to be flavorful. The chocolate peanut butter flavor taste delicious together. I have bought it several times. It has an adequate amount of fiber which I value.
Not as good as it looks
I loved the look of this product thinking the 2 best things in the world combined (chocolate and peanut butter). I disliked this a lot. It was dry and not very full of taste.
Perfectly Balanced
These are a true treat - Tasty flavor & great texture - Love these!
Surprizingly tasty
I tried this just to have a change from my usual cereals. I found it to be very tasty and filling, with lots of crunch (my favorite thing), and a very enjoyable taste profile. It is a little expensive, and I would like to see a larger box, but I will definitely purchase this again.
Really fantastic product. Wasn't expecting it to be so good but I really enjoyed it!
Box weighs a ton!
I was shocked with how heavy the box was when I picked it up, it weighs a ton! The cereal itself was good, I liked the level of sweetness and it stays crisp in the milk. I only had a small serving though because it is really filling. Would buy again
Would really like to try this product please and thank you
The Blasted Shred look's like a nice snack to try.

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