4.6 5 0 156 156 Enriched Triple Blend of Shea, Mango & Tucuma Butters.
Blistex® Blissful Butters™ SPF 15 Moisturizers Stick
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The smell of this chapstick is amazing, I always purchase chapsticks that contain some type of Shea butter, they leave my lips feeling extremely soft and not dry
I have a real problem with dry lips. Tried this product and I love it. Would recommend it to anyone.
Works great and isn't greasy. Love that it has spf in it - not enough lip balms do.
Amazing product and I will definitely try new products from blistex,thanks
I loved this. My lips r so dry all the time..made my lips feel fantastic..soft and nourished. Totally recommend
I purchased Blistex Blissful Butters lip balm with SPF 15 and was very pleased. I like to use a lip balm with an SPF factor when I run or walk outside. My lips remained moist and did not dry. I will recommend this to my friends and family.
This is the best product for dry or sore lips. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy, but it moisturizes well. Some products block my pores and I end up with blemishes but I didn't have anything like that using this.
Keeps my lips moist longer without a coating or wax feeling.
I LOVE BLISTEX! I don't use any other Chapsticks if I can help it. They just feel so refreshing and smooth when you put them on and smell delicious! Definitely true and very valid advertising to say "an indulgent pampering experience"
This is a great product. It makes your lips so smooth and it smells amazing
Jai adorer la texture et la senteur...lisse bien les levres avec legereter
I have been using this Blistex Blissful Butter moisturizers stick with SPF for about three months now and I love it! Its the best moisturizing stick I've come across in a very long time. From what I can tell, there isn't flavour added to it, so you're not constantly licking your lips removing the product and defeating the propose. Plus doing that causes you to have to always reapply it, thus using more than needed. It make your lips feel so soft and knowing you're protected from the sun is a bonus. Great lip protection product!
Super produit. Pas collant et très hydratant. Je recommande.
J'ai vraiment aimé. Et je crois bien que c'est pour un bon moment
Je l'ai beaucoup aimé. Très hydratant et non collant.

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