Body Fantasies Love Struck Body Spray

3.9 5 0 41 41 A fresh, clean and flirty scent leaving your skin sexy to the touch and totally kissable! A very sexy blend of cherry blossom, peach, and sensual musks. Fragrance Family: Fruity Floral T: Ruby Red Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, Guava Nectar M: Jasmine, White Muguet Petals, Pink Cherry Blossom D: Empress Peach, Fir Balsam, Musk
Body Fantasies Love Struck Body Spray


smells great and is somewhat long lasting. i use this to mask the smell of my ouid
Floral Scent
The scent is floral and quit nice. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long. I use if for my car actually, as I have a granddaughter and she eats in my car, so to freshen the smell of my car it works well. It is not a long lasting body spray, but is nice smell and price is affordable.
Heavenly scent
Perfect, the scent and packaging and effectiveness is perfect perfect. I feel comforted knowing how well it works and smells great!
Too strong
Honestly, for the price it's amazing. I tried some of their other scents, but I feel like they're all either too sweet or too strong. They are an ok replacement if you have nonperfume around..
J'adore ça très apaisant et rafraîchissant ! Je le recommand !
So strong
I wear very subtle perfumes and ones that do not smell like you just rolled around in a flower garden. If you are sensitive to smell I would stay away from this product. It’s strong but it also does not last long. I would not recommend
bad quality
L'odeur est cheap, l'emballage est minable aussi. Tu as l'impression de sentir le vieux parfum oublié dans le tiroir de ta grand-mère. J'avais la petite bouteille et je ne l'ai jamais terminer, je n'imagine pas avec la grande.
very good
A Time Machine in a Bottle What a great deal. I absolutely adore the old packaging, it takes me back to my childhood. Smelling this is a time machine for me, back when it was called "Sexiest Fantasies" with the black lace on the bottle. I cant believe they have pulled these from the shelves, they are now considered "Vintage" perfume. it breaks my heart. Every store I go to there isn't even a spot for them anymore. Its crazy how things change and suddenly become unavailable so quickly. Dove recently did the same thing with their Mango foaming body wash and so I have to go on here for everything now. This was a great buy and I will be back soon. Thank you so much for providing this, it is hard to find now.
Does not smell good
My first impression of this particular scent was wow , I m taken back to my elementary days , it's so childlike , and not what I was looking for. I bought the same brand but must have been a different scent last year and it smelled beautiful .
Not a big fan
I have tried other fragrances from this brand, but not a big fan of this scent in particular it's too fruity for me and doesn't stay on long.
Not my favorite but nice
It's not my favorite my body fantasies but it's nice I find it doesn't last long in the scent department like the candy scented ones but everybody's different and everything smells different on different body types so you should give it a try I think they're amazing
Smells heaven
Love it very calming and refreshing!got lots of complements wearing it! Highly recommend it!
Body Fantasies
I really like this brand , they have a huge variety of scents , I absolutely love their Limited Edition fragrance 'Winter Romance '
it’s okay
it kind of smells like a victoria secret? or the highschool girls bathroom, but that’s not always bad because it smells good sometimes but not always
Beautiful scent
Í just love the scent and trying new products , I will def be buying this again in the future it just smells so great

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