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Boulangerie Grissol® Baguettes™ Artisanal
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pretty good
I like the Grissol brand have been using them for decades. This is a wonderful new addition to their line-up of products. The crackers have a great texture and absolutely no greasiness. They have a great texture in your mouth. The only reason I did not give this a five, is the price. There is not a lot of the product in a bag, but there is a lot of price attached to it.
LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Normally i am not a fan of cranberries, but in this case they are wonderful!
These are so good.. My favorite one is the Bruschetta... I have also had the Garlic and Parmesan flavor.. I found it to be a little strong tasting but still really good..
I liked that these were not too sweet. I think these could be used as an appetizer like a plain cream cheese.
Good product if you want a crunchy snack. I will buy this again.
Love them, great taste, and super crunchy. Great with cheeses and fruit, try them in any flavour you won't be sorry.
Very crunchy but delicious! I would buy again...especially since they were too hard for my toddler, more for me!
These were very tasty and a nice change from typical cracker type snacks. Perfect with a cup of tea.
I find these really tough. If you have sensitive gums this is not for you. Taste good though!
Excellent goût! Avec un peu de fromage à la crème c'est encore mieux!
Ok, but not enough cinnamon flavor for my taste. But great crunchy sweet snack.
Bon produit, croquant et bon au goût avec fromage ou bruschetta ou simplement comme ça.
The flavour is nice but I found them a little oily. Not something I would reach for again...give me a regular oatmeal raisin cookie.
I really enjoyed the flavour of these but they were WAY TOO HARD. I was worried I was going to crack a tooth. I ended up having to suck on them for a few seconds before I could bite them. In the end I would not buy them again.
A GREAT snack, for those late nights it is a great ideal to select a few of these yummy baguettes to snack on,,low calories gives energy if you need to keep going studying, working,etc...ear a few with milk or juice and it's a meal in one!!!

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