4.8 5 0 1161 1161 From sticky spills to finger paints, Bounty is strong and 2X more absorbent so you can use less.
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Great helper in thekitchen
This is a staple product in our house hold. It works great for small and big spills and is great for cleaning and my kids love the fact that you can rinse and use it
You can't say no to this . Using it from years ,nich ,thick and soft.
C'est ma marque
Ce sont les plus résistant et en plus on peu utiliser moins avec le format demie feuille
The BEST brand of paper towel
The only brand I use and trust!! Cleans up the toughest messes and we love the select a size. One sheet typically does the trick and two for bigger clean-up jobs.
This is one of our regular grocery item that we buy all the times. I have tried other brand but nothing stands close to this product in terms of quality. I have 2 kids and I use these sheets all day long for cleaning. The best part is that I can wash a sheet under water and reuse it few times before I throwing away.
Parfait !
Vraiment j'adore ! Très résistant et absorbant! Une petite quantité suffit pour nettoyer un dégat! Très pratique !!
Perfect pairing with kids
With a Busy house full of kids, Bounty is our go to! I’ve purchased the cheaper brands before and none of them have lived up to the quality of Bounty. It really is the quicker picker upper!
The best paper towel
I love bounty, its my choice for paper towel. Its very thick, picks up alot of mess without having to use alot. I have 2 little ones so you can imagine the daily spills and mess. They also have a variety of different packs. I usually go for the big one 12=18 and it definitely lasts quite a long time. Worth it!
Love Bounty Paper Towel
I've been using Bounty for years. I'm glad that they have the select a size option so that it's less wasteful. We use paper towel frequently throughout the day to keep things clean especially with a toddler around. She even likes using it to pretend to clean!
my go to
I buy this EVERY TIME. I do not waste my time buying any other paper towels. having 7 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 bunnies. I need to make sure that we have this on hand at all times. Nothing else compares to this product.
The best
Best paper towels, but I paid more for these than I should’ve. Just saying.
Always Consistent
It's my primary paper towel I used for almost all purposes like spilling, cleaning messy surfaces, and stains. Due to sheet thickness, it absorbs very well and I don't need to use a full sheet for small cleaning. I would recommend this.
It does the job!
My family only uses Bounty (and another brand) of paper towels. They are durable and get the job of cleaning messy spills done!
Never disappointed
We have been using bounty for years, and i love how strong this bad boys are! I often use them and rinse with water and soap and they never rip into pieces. Love love this product
Best you can get
It’s the only paper towel I ever buy. It stands up to every spill, mess and dirty face around our house. I even use it to wash the dishes from time to time!

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