4.8 5 0 1162 1162 From sticky spills to finger paints, Bounty is strong and 2X more absorbent so you can use less.
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Best you can get
It’s the only paper towel I ever buy. It stands up to every spill, mess and dirty face around our house. I even use it to wash the dishes from time to time!
This is the best paper towel I ever had. It is strong and super absorbent.
Parfait, super
De loin c'est le meilleur essuie-tout, même avec des feuilles plus petites il est plus efficace que toutes les autres marques! J'achète les 6 rouleaux qui correspondents à 12 rouleaux.
Best paper towels
I’ve tried a lot of other brands, but bounty towels are the best. These aren’t too pricey for the quality and each towel goes a long way. They are super absorbent. I always buy bounty towels.
The best
Before I tried Bounty for the first time I were really sceptical, there was no way that a paper towel could be that good that it was saying in the adverts, how wrong was I?? I have never before used a paper towel that is actually doing what it's promising. I don't buy anything else then Bounty, I rather be without then buy some other brand. This is and will always be my go to paper towel.
Le meilleur!
Produit avec une belle épaisseur! Qui se tient bien lorsque mouille. On dirait du tissus. Il a une grande absorption. Il est à l épreuve de tous les dégâts. Je l’adore et n’achète que lui.
Meilleur essuie-tout acheté!
Ce produit est un sauveur! Je l'ai utilisé lors de mes nombreux dégâts, et il a tout absorbé en deux temps trois mouvements. Il est épais, absorbant, doux et facile à séparer. C'est le seul qui me satisfait complètement car les autres marques n'ont pas une telle épaisseur ou éfficacité. Je recommande fortement Bounty à d'autres nouveaux acheteurs.
Heavy Duty
Picks up heavy duty spills. Can be squeezed and reused again. The only paper towels I buy!
The only one I buy
I love using the Bounty Paper towel. It is the only one I use. I do not need to use a lot of them because they are very thick & absorbs very well. I also like that there is a select a size option therefore I do not need to use a whole sheet for a small mess. I would recommend this to anyone.
Always gets the job done!
Ive never been happier with a paper towel. It does everything I need it to do. It's a great "picker upper", I use it as a sudo dish cloth when i'm out of clean cloths! It always get the job done!
Quick and easy!
They are thick but not heavy. Very absorbant holding alot especially for liquid. I find the half strip rolls last a long time. Bounty is always the thickest and best quality!
Ces essuie-tout sont efficaces et très absorbant. Pratiques pour différentes tâches, c'est un outil dont on peut difficilement se passer. Un brin onéreux cependant.
Tougher than it looks.
Spills happen all the time and while I usually use small hand towels to handle the worst messes, sometimes to finish the job, you need something that it really absorbent and capable the strain. Bounty does that and more. I never bother with the cheap stuff anymore. Not worth it at all.
Very best!
Its the quicker picker upper. Any time I've bought something else id wished I hadn't. Soaks up anything. As good to use asa cloth sometimes. Maybe smaller select a size? id recommend it to any one.
Best there is
The premium paper towel, might be more expensive than its rivals but you will need less to clean up the mess. The select a size is a great idea for when its only a small spill.

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