5 5 0 147 147 It’s the durable, cloth-like picker-upper that leaves surfaces 3X cleaner than a germy dishcloth.
Bounty® DuraTowel
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If you’re messy and clumsy like me these come are good for every day use! I like how it is very useful.
Perfect for big messes
Being a mom of 4 I clean up a lot of messes lol Bounty is by far the best paper towel I've ever tried!
Absorbs quickly
I love this paper towel it absorbs any spill quickly. I like that it now comes with smaller squares that can be separated.
This is a must have in any household! It absorbs so much water and it doesn't break so easily which is good.
These bounty dura towels are a girls best friend when you have a family full of pets. Ultra durable that they’re resusable. I can rinse one single sheet out with water, ring it out and use it again like a cloth. That being said these rolls last a very long time! Quality shines though with this product. Definitely worth every penny.
Always nice to have at all times to dabb up whatever!
never use anything BUT bounty in this house - so absorbant!
I did not find these to be much better than any other high quality towel. Still did a good job though.
Best paper towels out there. They are great to use on my dog`s dirty feet after being outside. I use this product for everything. I love it. A little pricey but worth it.
Like the commercial says they do absorb so much water and one or two is usually enough. Holds its shape well
Really does go a long way and it is really tough on stains and spills.
I received a sample. Very strong towel - good for messy cleanups - then just throw away.
It’s the durable, cloth-like picker-upper that leaves surfaces 3X cleaner than a germy dishcloth. Need I say more.
It`s comparable to other bounty paper towels. I`m not one to rinse and reuse, but it`s nice to have that option
I feel all paper towels do their jobs... thankfully this ones always on sale at my corner store so I always grab this one.

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