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Bounty Duratowel
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Cost too much
This paper towel is thick and gets the job done - it picks up messes, is great for cleaning and good for cooking too. However, unlike other towel brands, it's expensive and never has promos, so we don't get to buy it as often as I would like too.
These are sooo strong . They work really well. Better than all orher brands. Unfortunately they are more pricey so i dont always get them.
Super strong
Whenever I find these on sale, I grab them! They are expensive but such great quality. I use them instead of rags when I have them and one goes a long way. Bounty paper towels are always a hit and save me a lot of frustration.
A very strong durable paper towel. But super expensive! I wouldn’t recommend for your average everyday use but for more stubborn messes sure! But I probably wouldn’t purchase again.
This is a strong towel, no need for any extra ragsas it is reusable after several uses, was and dry, reuse. Great use for any jobs. The only towel I used.
Bounty never fails you
I love this bounty paper towel. The absorbency is so excellent and I normally only need too use a couple sheets for a job well done. I also like that it has a good grip too it and it feels quite thick so you can really pick up a lot of liquid. It does not tear in your hands like some of the cheaper paper towel out there. The price is bit expensive but if you get it onsale with some good coupons you can go wrong. Will be buying this again!
Ce rouleau Bounty Duratowel est fait pour les gros travaux, comme dans un garage par exemple, mais les rouleaux ordinaires suffisent pour la maison car ceux-ci sont plus chers et cela n'est pas nécessaire de payer le gros prix pour un usage quotidien.
ces absorbant mes il te faut plusieurs feuille pour nettoyer le dégât !!!!!!1
J'essayé le rouleau de Bounty duratowel pour ma part je l'ai trouvé correct .il fond leur travaille mais sans plus .j'ai essayé d'autre marque que j'ai mieux aimé.
For the really tough job, when its just want to throw away the tower after, this is perfect.
I have used Bounty DuraTowel. They are a very strong papertowel, however they are more expensive than other paper towels. For normal smaller jobs around the house, I don't usually spend the extra money for the Bounty DuraTowels.
his is a great product for use on big jobs but cost is little high...cheaper paper towel work just as good on small everyday spills my ONLY holdback of this product is price compared to other paper towels but with a coupon this is great paper towel
Great for more heavy-duty jobs, not everyday use in a regular kitchen!! Is little more pricey than regularly Bounty select-a-size paper towel, BUT you can use/re-use for a whole lot more grungy jobs (bathroom, spring cleaning, garage).
For me this is the best paper towel ever. It is firm, absorb liquids well and it doesn't leave any dust and it makes my job easier. I just love and recommend it.
Great paper towel, very durable and cleans up the many spills from my kids without using the whole roll. This is the only brand of paper towel we use!

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