Braun No Touch + Touch Forehead Thermometer BNT100

4.6 5 0 102 102 Dual technology - No touch + touch forehead measurement. No touch mode suitable for when your child is sleeping. Age Precision technology with color-coded display Backlit display for use in the dark and silent mode to avoid waking up a sleeping child
Braun No Touch + Touch Forehead Thermometer BNT100


Amazing for those squirmy little who hate sitting still!!
The best! especially for people like me with littles that hate sitting still! it is quick (which is key) and easy to use and read as well with the feature of a low or high temperature alert on it
Easy to use
I love this product. So handy and easy to use. Specially when u have kids at home go with this product
This is a good product and affordable . There is accuracy and it is quick. This product is easily portable and easy to use.
It works and is accurate
I love the idea of this thermometer but it is somewhat confusing to use, and a lot of options that to me seem redundant. It took me a while to figure out how to scan for temperature and even now I still sometimes have problems.
très utile
Je l'utilise pour mes enfants fonctionnent bien et précis.
So simple and efficient!
This has got to be the easiest thermometer I've ever used because of its simple layout. Turn it on, point and press the button. A large display with numbers big enough to read and it also changes color based on the temperature as well taking the guess work out of it. I went and bought 2 more for my business (Covid life) and they make for quick and accurate checks as many times a day as needed. Highly recommend this product!
Best thermometer ever
With the current pandemic, having a thermometer at home is a must so we got the braun no touch thermometer.Very impressed by the quality and ease of use.Came highly recommended to us and it is worth it.Its digital and temperature is accurate or close and has a sensor to indicate if fever is high, goes red or green if normal.
Easy for children
My son is very young and will not stay still to get his temperature taken. It makes it so much easier when dealing with a fussy, sick child. Also makes you feel like a cool scientist which is a bonus.
Highly recommend
If you are thinking about getting a thermometer, i highly recommend this one. I looked into the in ear version before making a purchase but glad i went with the touchless. I just wasn't comfortable inserting it into my baby's ear and potentially having to deal with an ear infection
Not sure of accuracy
I am just not sure how accurate this is. I can take the temperature of the same kid, at the same distance, in the same are and get different reading each time. The reading can vary from 0.1 degree to in excess of 0.5 degrees.
Love this
I work in a daycare and we have this and I love it it is so easy to use and it is used daily. I love it. I would recommend this to all
This is a excellent product I love that it’s no touch
It works well
It works and it is definitely nice to have, much more pleasant than sticking a digital thermometer underneath your tongue or into your ear, and the results are accurate. This will probably last you for a good few years, the only reason it lost a star was because of the price. (It's hard to pay six times the price when the $6.00 version is right next to it on the shelf, just without all the bells and whistles.)
Such a great product
You’ll love this thermometer, it’s super easy and very accurate. Very important to have one of these at home. Also not uncomfortable for the baby so you’ll get an accurate read !
I am a pediatric home care nurse and I bought one of these for my work bag. It's very easy to use and so much nicer than the ear ones! I love it and would recommend it to any family!

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