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Breton Gluten Free Herb and Garlic Crackers
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Better than the original
Myself and my children find we like these better than the original product! Great taste.
Gluten free tasty
It is perfect tasty treat for people who have Celiac Diease, A bit pricey so don't eat it all in one shot but worth the price. Love this flavor
Love them with cheese, love them with butter.. and even plain I guess.. they’re nice and crispy, but cons sometimes be crumbly.
Really nice flavor. I am not gluten intolerant but I buy these crackers regularly anyway.
really nice and crisp crackers , can't eat just one!
These are very tasty and have lots of flavour!! They're my favorite go to cracker!!
Pour une fois nous avons des craquelins sans gluten qui sont bon au goût et je crois que c les craquelins qui resembles le plus à un produit ordinaire. Merci de penser à ns et ns donner des produits qui goûte bon.
Il est tres bon ce produit et mem cette marque tout les gouts sont extra bon
We have used this product, it is ok but I'm still looking for a better gluten free cracker. Haven't found it yet!
Love these, great flavour and nice to see a well known company making gluten free.
Disappointed with these, the box i got seemed to taste bland.. Almost cardboard like.. Wont be buying again will stick to the white and black bean ones!!
So good, wouldn't know it is gluten free, and the black bean ones have a great flavor too, we buy both for platters as we have two that are celiac so its nice that they don't have to ask or worry.
Really delicious! Can't tell they are gluten free. Great flavour and nice and crunchy like other Bretons.
Beeing Celiac makes it hard to find safe foods to enjoy. THese Breton crackers have a great texture and taste great. I enjoy then just like that for a little snack.
Très bonne alternative pour les amis qui nous visite et sont allergique au gluten, j'en ai tout le temps a la maison et on ne les gaspille jamais

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