4.4 5 0 22 22 New salt and pepper flavoured Breton white bean crackers made with 3 grams of fiber per serving.
Breton White Bean Crackers
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nice cracker
A nice gluten free cracker. It's crisp and has a lovely, mild flavour that goes with anything
healthier gluten free cracker
These are a healthier gluten free cracker but kinda odd tasting. I'm good with a few but not more than that in one sitting. It's filling & satisfies the taste buds quickly.It's a good gluten free option.
These are so good, me and my family love them, they’re always just right not to soft but not to hard and they always have just enough salt and pepper on them, I think they’re great the way they’re!
Nice change!
This line of crackers are great, something to please pretty much anyone. Package is smaller so they come out to be a little more expensive in most stores.
I absolutely loved these
I absolutely loved these. I have always love the Breton crackers and now that I have diabetes it was nice to see a lower carb option. Also something with less grain. I feel like beans are healthier than grains.
love this! boyfriend eats it all the time and enjoys it so much
to peppery
i try to eat healthy but found when i did eat wheat this product was much to peppery for me and it bothered me
These are just wonderful. They taste like "real" crackers. Even my non-gluten-free friends like them.
Great price and bonus Gluten Free, I love these crackers
Breton white bean cracker are amazing love how crispy they are and they have a wonderful flavor I enjoy them plain or with my favourite toppings
my mom loves those crakers.. she likes them with cheese.
Being gluten free, cracker choices are difficult to come by especially good ones. These Breton crackers are delicious but I find they fall apart easily, so they are not the best to use for appetizers (like say rice crackers or glutino crackers are).
I had them of lunch to day great had them with cheese and salsa.
Breton Crackers are my favorite brand of crackers.I put cheese slices on them and they are delicious The white bean flavor is a healthier choice for me and I would definitely purchase this product again
Just bought a box of these yesterday! Had some for lunch today with cheese and grapes. They are very good. I have bought Breton's two other gluten free crackers several times and really like them,. They have a nice crumbly texture that I love.

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