Brisk Half & Half Watermelon Lemonade

4.1 5 0 166 166 Just when you thought lemonade couldn't get better, we brought watermelon lemonade to the table. And when you thought that couldn't be topped, we outdid ourselves and combined it with our unbeatable Iced Tea. That's almost too much flavor... almost.
Brisk Half & Half Watermelon Lemonade


This beverage is absolutely refreshing....I drink this after a long walk. It quenches my thirst and I recommend this to everyone!
Surprisingly delicious. Poor over some ice and you have a very tasty refreshing drink to enjoy this summer.
Good but sweet
I love brisk products and this is something I would buy again. It is a bit too sweet for me sometimes, but a good treat occasionally
Amazing flavour
Absolutely delicious ! This is one of the best Brisk iced tea I have tried. Even our 2 year old liked it. It is one of our go to flavours now. Would definitely recommend
Too many flavor mixes
I tried this and really didn't care for it...iced tea mixed with watermelon not a great taste! Best to leave the ice tea the way it is Brisk and all on its own....would not recommend if you are an ice tea lover!
To each their own
I strongly dislike the simulated watermelon flavoring, because it tastes very artificial. If i had to pick my favourite part of this beverage it would be the cans physical appearance. I don't think I would recommend this unless someone was telling me they really enjoy artificial watermelon flavoring.
Love it
Such a thirst quenching drink. Has a great taste with a great combination of watermelon 🍉 and lemonade🍋at a decent price. Give it a try😀
Great taste
I 100% loved the flavour of this one. Great taste.
Great taste!
Loved this, refreshing but needs to be cold. Different color than I am used to but overall I loved it.
I found this one good for the 1/2tea 1/2lemonade variety, on the sweeter side but good! Lots of watermelon flavour so you definitely must like watermelon.
Watermelon lemonade
Love it tastes better cold ,but I love all there flavor,it doesn't dry out your mouth the flavor is refreshing tried with a little cranberry went well to
Super tasty and the colour is so cool!
I've never had green juice that was tasty as this! The colour is so cool and the packaging is very eye-catching. The iced tea and watermelon flavour mixed very well and makes for a super tasty drink!
Favorite in our home
Iced tea is always a hit, but my husband and daughter always have bought an iced tea and a lemonade and then mix them in a glass. Now no mixing and its delish with the watermelon flavor added in. Recommended for sure.
This is a gross flavor combination! They need to leave tea the way it is.
This product was ok. I feel like watermelon is a hard flavour to pull off in a drink. Mostly the flavour is weak but it a good drink. Not something I would purchase again

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