bubly Cherry Sparkling Water

4 5 0 147 147 oh hi! bubly™ sparkling water beverage combines refreshing, crisp sparkling water with great tasting natural flavors perfect for any occasion. no calories, no sweeteners, all smiles.
bubly Cherry Sparkling Water


Love Bubly, not Cherry
We love Bubly in our house. It’s not super carbonated we find compared to other sparkling waters and the flavouring is softer. We are not fans of the cherry though. We prefer the lime, orange and grapefruit.
Taste great we go though so much of this at my house. Everyone loves the taste and so many delicious flavours to choose from.
I love bubbly
I have tried many different products for carbonated flavoured water and bubbly is by far my favorite. I have at least 1-2 a day and I love the suttle flavoring. I am a big fan. If you haven't tried, you should !
Wow, what great taste!
I love the grape flavored the best. So refreshing and feels like fun that reminds me as a kid. Great flavor and I know my coolers will be full of these these summer in the beach.
Great flavour. Love that it comes in so many, great variety. A bit too carbonated for me personally but enjoyed it.
Great water
love sparkling water, bubly has great flavours, cherry is my favourite
We tried Bubly due to the hype that was going on over it. Everyone in the family tried it and did not enjoy it.
Luv this product
I have walked past these so many times while grocery shopping. I finally decided to grab a case I'm totally hooked. I tried the cherry 🍒 and it was really good. Definitely will buy again. Gets me off the pop
Cures the thirst
Really love this drink, curbs the craving for sugary carbonated drinks.
Kids love this. They drink this instead of pop... love that it has no sugar
Taste is a bit off for me
In general, i'm not a fan of sparkling water. I have tried a couple of brands during special occasion but this one is just not my type at all. Tastes like medicine with bubbles.
Not a fan of it!
I tried this new product as I enjoy the Bubly line of products...but this one tasted like cough syrup...couldn't even finish half of the entire can! The grapefruit one is a hit but I had to give the rest away!
My favourite water
As far as carbonated water goes, I love bubbly. I have yet to try all the flavours but by far this takes the cake. It doesn't taste like TV static like some of the waters out there. The can is very flimsy compared to say a coke, so don't leave it in the freezer! I highly recommend.
Great taste
Great taste and sparkling doesn’t fade too fast. Love packaging as well
I really enjoy this brand! It’s light in taste and so refreshing. It gives you the bubbly taste like a traditional soda drink minus the extra sugars. It quenches my thirst unlike soda products

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