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Burt`s Bees Medicated Lip Balm with Eucalyptus Oil
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The medicated burts bees are incredible!
They are the only lip balms I now use in the winter as they are much more effective than non medicated ones. The taste is a bit strange but after you get used to it, it’s definitely worth the purchace and moisture.
Lovely lip balm
This bert bees lip balm is really nice. It helps keep my lips soft and moisturised throughout the winter. The product is a perfect size to pop in your bag. Definitely worth a purchase.
Burt's Bees Lip Balm
This is an amazing lip balm. I recently found a set of three at Winners for $6 and I thought that was a good deal considering it costs more than $6 at Shopper's Drug Mart. When you first apply the lip balm, it gives you a nice, cooling, tingly feeling that lasts for a couple of minutes. The lip balm itself is quite waxy and thick but after a while it softens up and I've gotten used to it. This lip balm will also last a long time. After a few days of use my lips were soooo soft.
I love this product! As someone who gets cold sores a couple times throughout the year, I always make sure to grab ,self this medicated balm. It really helps alleviate the pain & discomfort. And keeping my cold sore moist, helps it heal faster.
Winter Must Have!
This is a must have lip balm for the cooler months! I get dry, chapped lips in the winter and this product completely heals them overnight. It soothes my lips as soon as I apply it and has a nice tingly, cooling feeling. I have a tube of this with me at all times!
I love everything from Burt's Bee. This lip balm makes my dry lips hydrated during summer as in winter. I love it.
I love Burt`s Bees lip balm it keeps my lips from chapping.
I love all of burts bees products , this stuff is great and leaves a soothing lasting feeling
I love Burt`s Bee`s products and this is just another one to fall in love with. It works very well on dry chapped lips.
love anything by burts bees. this product is extremely soothing. best I found yet
I have always been a fan Of Burt`s Bees Products I have never tried the lip balm but i always have Burt’s Bees hand salve laying around
I LOVE BURTS BEES!! It works, and it works! What else do u need to hear? Lol
LOVE this lip balm. Anything Burt`s Bees is a winner but this works so well for dry chapped lips. Easy to apply and not gooky...
This is the best lip balm I`ve used. It`s great to use on dry, cracked lips. Makes lips soft and I love the scent.
It`s ok, the eucalyptus taste is too strong and it lingers after.

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