4.4 5 0 369 369 The #1 Milk Family Bar in Canada and the #1 Cookie in Canada coming together!
Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo Bar
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Cookies and Cream meets Dairy Milk
This is like a Hershey's Cookies and Cream bar ran into a Dairy milk bar. Absolutely delicious. The cookies add crunch, the white chocolate adds a contrasting flavour. I would buy this again, anytime.
My kids & I really enjoyed this chocolate bar. In fact, they devoured it. The chocolate is the same delicious Dairy Milk milk chocolate as always, and the cream is very reminiscent of the white Kinder chocolate layer but with Oreo bits. There's just enough filling to notice it, but not so much that it's oozing out. It's definitely a new favourite in our house.
It's cookies and cream
It's not too sweet and you can really taste and feel the texture and crunch of the oreo. The thing though is that it melts pretty quickly, well it's milk chocolate so no shocker. Overall. Great chocolate for oreo lovers.
Délicieux !
J’adore le chocolat et j’adore les oreos! C’est une combinaison parfaite avec un petit peu de croquant . Pour une gateries à l’occasion c’est super !
Love it!!!
I tried this product in the summer and it just melts in your mouth and then you are left with a delicious oreo crunch! The only thing I would suggest to keep in mind is that it is super sweet and I found it very hard to eat more than a couple squares. This being said, it’s a great snack to share with the family.
A very good chocolate bar
I really love this chocolate bar! If you’re a oreo lover and a chocolate lover, it’s perfect! It’s a little bit crunchy because of the oreo and I think it makes better! I really recomand it.
Tasty but sweet
The overall blend of chocolate and oreo was very tasty. I did find the filling a little on the overly sweet side. Would still prefer a plain cookies and cream bar but this is still a great treat.
How to ruin both your chocolate and your cookies
I love both Oreos and Cadbury chocolate, so I thought this product was a no-brainer. Both my husband and I were disappointed. We will stick to buying the cookies and the chocolate separately
pretty gd
these r very gd.the middle is kinda thicker than I like so I try & eat sm pieces & eat more choc with it.the coating's really gd 2.the only thing is the size.they're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 2 small.the size makes me avoid buying them. I only got them b4 cuz they were reduced in price.otherwise they're 2 sm 4 the full price.
These are a delicious alternative to Oreo's and chocolate bars. They are super sweet, but not overly. Melt in your mouth with a little crunch. Yum! I would recommend these for sure.
I love this product. Definitely a nice twist on the traditional Cadbury bar. Very creamy on the inside, so does melt easily in your hand, but I don't mind because I think it adds to the taste! I would definitely recommend.
Oh my belly ...Yumm
Soo good. Buy them all the time. Kids live them. A great treat and good value.
Great combo
Yum, yum, yum!! Melt in your mouth goodness! would be interesting to melt for recipes!
Better than regular Oreos
I enjoyed this product, although, like many others also said, it is very, very sweet. I'm not a huge fan of plain Oreos, but I like them as a pie crust or addition to another food, so I did enjoy this.
A bit too sweet
Cadbury dairy milk with Oreos is extremely sweet, a bit too much for me, but good with milk. There's lots of cream, though it doesn't taste like the oreo filling.

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