4.4 5 0 362 362 The #1 Milk Family Bar in Canada and the #1 Cookie in Canada coming together!
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A bit sweet
My son enjoyed the bar but I personally thought it was too sweet! I loved the milk chocolate and Oreo together though.
Fav new bar
This is so good. If you love oreos you will love it.
Great Chocolate Bar!
I really liked this. I thought it was gonna be overly sweet but it was just right and I would buy it again. I shared it with my boyfriend and he really liked it as well!
Best of both worlds
It’s like have a Oreo cookie and a chocolate bar all at once yummy goodness Something you would eat if you need a sugary treat
This tastes very good. A little too sweet but good for a treat.
Meant to be together
One of the best pairings ever maid !! Take the best chocolate and the best cookie and put them together and your left with this amazing bar. Sooooo goooood.
Beautiful combination
We got these to gift our family and everyone loved it. They all have enjoyed it a lot!
Heaven in your mouth!!!
I honestly can not say enough amazing things about this chocolate bar, it puts two of my favourite things together. Seriously run to your car and go buy this it does not disappoint!!!!
Loved it!
My kids and I loved this chocolate bar. It tasted amazing and satisfied my chocolate craving. It was creamy and satisfying.
Super delicious
I love this chocolate bar! Definately in my top 3 for favorite bars. Recommend highly. Yummm
Really sweet
Our family really enjoys this as a treat! It is a bit on the sweet side but it goes well with a cup of tea. You can really taste the Oreo and the texture really comes out well.
For Dairymik and Oreo lovers
Dairymilk with Oreo is a bar which is filled with oreo filling. The first taste you get the chocolaty, smooth and creamy Dairymilk taste and the second you taste the crunchy, cocoe-d Oreo. I would say this is something personal as I like the cookie part more than cream part of the Oreo. I want to see that more in my Dairymik!!
This is a rich, creamy, velvety pleasure for your mouth. The several textures and tastes will make your mouth water. I do not crave chocolate often, but when I do, this baby is what I desire!
New favourite treat
Yummy bar. Milk chocolate and Oreo cookie, who could wish for anything more!
Pretty Yummy
As an Oreo lover this chocolate bar did not disappoint. Delish combo of Oreos and mild chocolate. Rich enough to only have one at a time, thank goodness!

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