4.4 5 0 55 55 Campbell Everyday Gourmet Sweet Potato Tomatillo 500ml. Gluten-Free.
Campbell Everyday Gourmet Sweet Potato Tomatillo Soup
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I’ve really enjoyed this. It’s quite a thick soup and nice flavours. I especially like it on a cold winter night so you have a warm belly. It’s pretty filling too. With some bread it’ll be a lovely meal.
Omg!! I super Love this Soup!! My Husband got it a couple times last winter, and I would eat this happily everyday if I could!! (It is that good!!) ❣
I admit it: I had to look up what a tomatillo was. The soup has a very nice, delicate flavour; but is still very filling
So delicious
Great quick lunch with some crackers on the side. I love tomatillos but am afraid to cook them since I have no clue what to expect. The soup is delicious. Have it with some yummy crackers and a slice or two of your favourite cheese and there's a great lunch. You could share the rest of the pack with someone else but then again you could, like me, keep it all to yourself. Very tasty!
Delicious and convenient. Nice flavor. Will buy again.
So delicious and easy to make on a cold day or a day where you need something fast.
Super convenient for work lunches and dinners! Love it!
Very tasty, nice texture. Not as good as home-made but a lot faster!!
I would definitely recommend this product to others, so simplified that even adding your own ingerdients to the base of it adds such a kick.
I love grabbing these instead of cans. So smooth, just the right amount of spices. wish they made them a bit bigger, but that is a want not a complaint <3
Very good soup. I love the taste. Easy to make. The carton is also easy to open, for those of us with arthritis.
I'm not a huge fan of this on its own but adding 1/2 cup to a veggie soup is great! You can even boil veggies and cook the sauce and purée together over chicken! Really good!
I tried and did not like it all. The flavour was mediocre and I did not like the texture.
This one is very tasty. Just open container and pour in bowl. Great product.
Enjoyed this sweet potato soup! My husband is cautious at times with new soups but really enjoyed this one! Very flavorful~

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