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My son loves this - pretty loaded with salt, realise that there are TWO portions in a can. They were on special this week at the local supermarket for $1.88, so we stocked up on this and a couple of the other of these 'exotic' Chunky soups they offer.
It is very filling .I get them for hubby easy lunch. Filling great ,tasting great, an all round the best for lunch on the go .
Absolutely delicious!! Taste like moms made it. My 5 and 1 year olds loved it too! Definitely a new staple in my cupboard!
Was ok. The mashed potato top varied from can to can, sometimes was very thick and another times was thinner. It was an ok product...no my favourite of chunky soup.
Not too bad, still too much salt tho. Quite tasty, my mother loves it very much.
My spouse buy this when he goes hunting and fishing. He says that it does not bad and very practicul.
Yikes, something that looked so good on the tin but tastes so horrible! Once you put a spoon in it and mix it, you are doomed to one big glob of something that may have once resembled shepherds pie, but not now. Bought 3 tins of this thinking the whole family would like it, gave 2 tins away after all 4 of us tried it and all came to the conclusion that none of us would eat it again.
I did not like the texture of the mashed potatoes, but my son loved it. It was a little too thick of a consistance for me.
i have brought this and taste horrible. its not the same as homemade
It was a very big let down!! I was so excited and two mouthfuls were all I could handle. It does not look good out of the can, took quite a while to heat up, and then the taste and consistency were very unpleasant!!! I don't think I've bought a Campbell's soup since.
Campbells CHUNKY is a hit at our house, but the shepherd's pie is hard to swallow. We will not be buying this product again.
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! PLEASE DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT! I opened a can, heated it up, and it did not heat properly because the "potatoes" needed to be stirred in. After being stirred together It was now the consistency of wet dog food, but I tried it anyways, and it definitely tasted like dog food. worst chunky invented.
This is NOT a can of soup. The product is staged in the can keeping the potatoes separate at the bottom. Flavour was not very good and I would not recommend.
I enjoyed this "soup". It was a bit spicy.
Just saw this and decided to try it. I loved it. Quick to heat up and great tasting.

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