2.5 5 0 2 2 Bold Inspired Flavours Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet soups use unique ingredients to create bold, inspired and deliciously satisfying flavours - from the exotic medley of Thai Tomato Coconut to the creamy, rich taste of Golden Butternut Squash.
Campbell`s™ Everyday Gourmet Tomato Basil Bisque
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I don't see any breakdown of "spice" ingredients and it was too "hot"- spicy for me and left my mouth with a "burned" feeling. ouch. too spicy. I love a little kick, but too much kick for me - by itself. I even tried lowering the heat with sour cream but that didn't work. Also, too thick.
If you love thick soup this product is for you. I loved the flavour and felt more full eating it as it is thicker than regular soup.

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