5 5 0 27 27 For the health conscious on the go, there are Campbell`s Healthy Request bowls. All the wholesome, goodness of our Healthy Request cans served up in convenient, microwavable bowls that are ready-to-go when you are.
Campbell`s Healthy Request
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Pricey but yummy..
So.. I'd much rather and much sooner make a homemade soup and package it up for us to take to work and to school. these are pricey as all hell but they're tasty .. still i don't find the price worth it unfortunately.
Yuck! Didn`t like the taste! The only thing it has going for it is the packaging. great idea it just tastes so processed.
It`s a good lunch time meal. Contains everything you need to get through the rest of the day.
They are good but I wouldn`t waste my money on them. Too $$$
These are expensive but are great for packing lunches and having something on the healthy side.
really does anything thats marked healthy have to have no flavor???? these were gross! no matter what kind you try they all taste alike... and not good!
a great lunch back up to have for the times you are unable to prepare your lunch...throw one of these in your lunch bag and off to work you go - a healthy convenient lunch.
I've tried some of these before they're really good and healthy for you they make a great meal for your lunch at work
Tastes great and is good for work lunches.
i bring this to work for lunch. you can heat it in the microwave. tastes great.
Big fan of lower sodium content. Actually that`s an absolute winner for me and makes me want to see if this is available at home too. Great work Campbell`s!! Two thumbs up from me for sure!
Got a coupon to try one for free and it was good, but I`d only buy some if they were on sale.
I love this soup. The Fiesta Vegetable has become one of my favorite lunch time meals at work. It`s easy to prepare (right into the microwave) and tastes great. I certainly appreciate the lower sodium content as well.
Absolutely love the Italian Wedding Soup, it`s my go to lunch at work when I`m in a hurry and want something quick, easy and tasty!
I love Campbells Healthy Request soups for those days when I don`t have time to make myself lunch for work. They are hearty, tasty and filling. They are also very healthy! My kids love them too!

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